Steve: Hello everybody, it’s week two, it’s been a busy week and just let me start off by thanking everybody for their kind wishes after last week’s announcement. One of the things I didn’t get a chance to talk to you about was the idea of something called reverse mentoring, and this is a way that I can keep honest to what’s really important for the young people in our organisation.

So let me introduce Rebekah to you who’s kindly given up a bit of her time today to come and talk to me. So, Rebekah, tell me a bit about yourself and what you get up to.

Rebekah: So I live in Manchester and I’ve been here for two years now, I’m originally from Manchester but I’ve traveled around all over the country for work since I graduated. I’ve never been able to stay in one place because that’s just the nature of graduating these days, which has been exciting but also quite tough at times as well.

We have a house full of pets so we have a couple of rabbits and a couple of hamsters.

Steve: Fantastic.

Rebekah: Because we’re big softies. We’re big foodies so we love to get involved in the local food culture in Manchester and things like that.

Steve: Fantastic, and you don’t get a chance to shop in a local Co-op do you but you do shop locally for fresh produce, is that right?

Rebekah: Yes and we can go out the way to go to our local Co-op because we care about Co-op’s values, so it isn’t that local but we will take a trip to go there. If we had one local that would be amazing.

Steve: Clearly you’ve got a lot of energy in the digital space. Just share some thoughts about how digital can play an important part within the future of the Group.

Rebekah: Great, so I think the most exciting thing about digital is that you have access to a really wide audience and thinking about things that matter to the Co-op, access to the products and services that we have, for people in all kinds of different communities if you’re elderly you can’t get out the house or you have disabilities, having access to our products and services in a digital way could really change your life and I think that’s something that’s quite exciting that we have an opportunity to to look at here the Co-op.

Steve: And I couldn’t agree more Rebekah, thanks ever so much.

Hopefully that gives you a bit of a flavour for the type of conversation that I and Rebekah will have and I’ll talk to you a bit more about it when we speak next.

Steve Murrells
Co-op Group CEO

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