We know that many members share our passion for great wine, and are signed up to all manner of online groups, discussion boards and shops celebrating all things vino.

Towards the end of last year we asked members to tell us all about the value they get from being part of these wine clubs and wine communities, as myself and colleagues in our food business looked at ways to respond to the growing number of people who buy and discuss wine online.

52 members joined in to help us get a better understanding of how they engage with wine  online, the benefits of doing so and the kind of online wine content they love.

Here’s what we heard

  • Members enjoy their existing wine clubs because they give them access to a greater variety of / higher quality wines, offers and the opportunity to increase their knowledge of wine.
  • About half of those who were not already members of a club said they’d be interested in joining one – the rest might need a bit of convincing!
  • Most members wanted an online wine community to offer the chance to try out new wine and to tell them about award-winning wines, product launches and new innovations.
  • Almost all of the members who took part liked the idea of a wine community providing them with exclusive wine tastings.
  • 92% of members who took part said they’d be more likely to buy wines that had been recommended by members.

Next steps

It was great to find that members gave a ringing endorsement to some of the ideas already on our drawing board – like ensuring they were kept up to date about product launches, wine awards and news. This gives us a great steer on what kind of content members value most, what might get the conversation started and importantly how we keep it going in anything we might develop online.

It was interesting that almost all members who took part liked the idea of exclusive wine tastings – we’d been thinking about whether any community should just be online, but this tells us you’re up for getting together too.

It was also good to hear that so many members would be strongly influenced by other members’ recommendations when it came to buying wine.

I know this theme is something that’s come out in a number of other Join In opportunities, so we’ll be developing some ways in which we can take this forward, whilst keeping an eye on how the business is approaching this elsewhere.

There’s a few further ideas we’d like to test but we’re confident that, if the evidence supports it, we can make a good case for building an accessible and vibrant online hub where members can engage with each other and us on all things wine, in exciting ways.

James Oliver,
Insight Manager

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