Following the announcement of our financial results last week we’ve published our full report and accounts which give a full review of how we performed last year.  The report and accounts are received by members at our Annual General Meeting which takes place on Saturday 20 May in Manchester. Later this month we’ll be sending eligible members their AGM voting packs.

We’ve made great progress in rebuilding our Co-op, with all our businesses delivering strong performances. While much remains to be done, our Rebuild plans have really started to deliver value for our customers, our members and their communities. That is exactly what the Co-op should be doing.

Against this backdrop, 2017 sees us turning our attention to the next phase of our development. Our ambition will remain the same – championing a better way of doing business in communities up and down the country. We will continue to take our existing businesses forward and ensure they are ready for the digital age, but we will also look wider than our current markets. We are exploring how we can enter markets that are not serving people well and challenging existing providers. To do that we are thinking again like the original Rochdale Pioneers. They were true pioneers in every sense of the word – disruptors in markets and agitators for change.

There’s never been a more exciting time in the Co-op’s history and we are confident that we’ll continue to thrive.

Steve Murrells
Co-op Group CEO


This was an exceptional year for the Co-op and these results show the success of all the work to rebuild. We’ve invested in our brand and all our businesses and now we can clearly see the benefits – a big jump in membership, better sales and increasing market share. The Co-op is now better for members, better for colleagues and better for communities up and down the UK.

The Co-op is now better for members, better for colleagues and better for communities up and down the UK.

This investment was made in a disciplined fashion and within our agreed debt profile. All of this was achieved while staying true to our purpose, as evidenced by the millions we are paying out to local causes.

Allan Leighton
Independent Non-Executive Chair of the Co-op

Find out more about the Co-op 2016/17 financial results here

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  1. Really! What about the Co-op Bank?

  2. Steady progress, more to do, with potential uplifted with new CEO.


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