This year we’re celebrating the #GoodEggs in our lives, from the neighbour who mows your lawn, to a colleague who makes the best brews, you can make them smile, with a sweet treat or a kind word.

Pinata_WebBut there’s even more to the Co-op Easter range than #GoodEggs or the 1% that each one puts back into local communities when members buy them. It’s also about the people thousands of miles away who grew the cocoa for your enjoyment.

Once again our Co-op is the only supermarket to be offering a 100% Fairtrade own brand Easter Egg range. And our work to deliver great products in an ethical way has just been recognised by Ethical Consumer who have rated us as ‘best buy’.

But this is not a seasonal commitment. Ethical Consumer also reflected that all Co-op chocolate bars are Fairtrade, which they have been since 2002, and rate us as the most ethical supermarket bars available.

This year we have gone further still, with all Co-op chocolate confectionery becoming Fairtrade and, in true pioneering fashion, we have announced that by the end of May all the cocoa we use in Co-op branded products will be bought on Fairtrade terms too.

That’s a £400,000 a year boost to our farmers, like Fortin Bley from Cote D’Ivoire  who 23336said “We know ‘Co-op has been committed for a long time and I am happy and proud about this new commitment. Farmers in Fairtrade do not sell enough of their volumes as Fairtrade. Schools, wells, health centres and health insurance are all investments farmers can imagine for the future.”

Find out more about why cocoa and Easter eggs mean so much more than fantastic products for our customers in our Cocoa For Change report.

Brad Hill
Fairtrade Strategy Manager

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  1. Fantastic to hear we are ramping it up on Fairtrade chocolate – well done Brad and team , once again I can Treat without Guilt this Easter.


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