Co-op Membership has changed

Since the publication of this article Co-op membership has changed – we are giving even more back to your community. Every time you buy selected Co-op branded products and services money goes to you and your community too. Find out more about Co-op Membership or download the app now.

Our new TV advert airs this weekend and will show the nation why the Co-op really is a better way of doing business.

The advert features some of the 4,000 local causes our members have been supporting through our new Co-op Membership rewards.

We’ve worked with BAFTA award winning Director Shane Meadows to film some of the projects our members have been supporting to create the ad and over Shane’s beautiful film work you’ll hear an inspiring description of what makes the Co-op different spoken by George the Poet. George’s opening line sums up everything we want people to know about us: “Great things happen when we work together”.

The advert runs on television for three weeks from today (14th April) and will show during Homeland on Channel 4 and the last episode of Broadchurch on ITV. Additional adverts will run in cinemas and on social media until the 7th May and you’ll see big advertising posters all around the country too.

On the evening of Wednesday 18th April we’re taking over the ad slots on More4 where we’ll be showing more of Shane’s work with our local causes in all the ad breaks between 8pm and 10.20pm.

Co-op Membership has changed

Next week we’re paying out £9m to local causes

 We’re running our new advert now because we’re about to share out £9m to 4,000 local projects across the UK.

Since we launched our new Co-op Membership rewards last September our members have been earning 5% back for themselves on Co-op branded goods and services and an additional 1% for local causes.

The first round of local pay-outs is proof that our members can do great things by choosing to shop with us and use our services. And the more we all choose Co-op the more great things we can do to make and keep our local communities strong.

We’ll have much more news about this next week.

So look out for our TV advert. If you’re already a Co-op member it will make you feel very proud. And if you’re not yet a member you can join our Co-op here.

Steve Murrells,
Co-op Group CEO

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  1. […] Our new TV ad shows how ‘Great things happen when we work together’ […]

  2. I cannot believe you would opt for a narrator who cannot speak the English language properly or even enunciate correctly!!
    For such a large national company to allow this is beyond belief. What were the directors of the company & film makers thinking? A dreadful mistake that is simply appalling.

    • Why so judgemental? Are you aware of who George the Poet is? If you did, you would realise that any accent means nothing. He is incredibly intelligent, and his words are meaningful and powerful. Take some time to listen to his material sometime. Open your mind instead of being quick to open your mouth.

  3. The Co-op Local Community Fund is just BRILLIANT. A Big Thank You to the Co-op, to our local Co-op Store in Deyes Lane Maghull Liverpool L31 and to its customers who are supporting the resurfacing and restoration of St Andrew’s Church car park used daily by hundreds attending the school, community parish hall, church & church hall, 13th Century Maghull Ancient Chapel, Scouts hut, and graveyard.

  4. Need to check your dates. Wednesday 18th April?

  5. Just a shame that all the great work you do is over shadowed by the decision to keep funding hate.
    Just as you’ve decided to do this, I’ve decided to spend my money elsewhere.


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