The nominations are in. Now the vote is open!

Hundreds of members joined in to suggest a name for the first ever member-designed wine, which will hit the shelves of a Co-op near you in October.

We’ve shortlisted four names from the 500 or so that were suggested and are now asking members to vote on their favourite.

White Wave – Suggested by Caroline Harpham, Co-op member from Manchester

Grigio & Co – Suggested by Helen Belshaw, Co-op member from Windermere

Pioneer – Suggested by Connor Lynch, Co-op member from Stirling, Ashley Rostron, Co-op member from Warrington, Tim Stevenson, Co-op member from Bolton, Peter Woodhouse, Co-op member from Manchester, Colin Anderson, Co-op member from Leyburn, Cathryn Armitage, Co-op member from Shipley, J Turner, Co-op member from Manchester, G Cottell, Co-op member from Melton Mowbray, Shelby Harrison, Co-op member from Manchester and Stephen Ronald, Co-op member from Newton-Le-Willows

Golden State – Suggested by Nancy Wilson, Co-op member from Rossendale

Shortlisting wasn’t easy – there were so many great, meaningful suggestions that drew on Co-op heritage, the wine’s sunny, Californian provenance and on the history of the winemaker, O’Neill’s. And then there was Winey McWineface, Pinot McPinot face – you get the gist. But we’ve chosen four names that we think are fitting, attractive monikers that will stand the test of time and hold their own with the competition.

Members have until Friday 28 April to vote for their favourite name, after which we’ll be coming back to them to ask them to channel their artistic talents into label design. There’s still plenty of opportunities for members to get involved in creating a little bit of Co-op winemaking history, so don’t miss out on your chance to Join In.


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  1. […] in to choose the variety of white wine grape we’ll be using, to suggest a name for the wine, vote for their favourite name, taste the wine, design the wine label and choose the label design that will appear on the […]

  2. Think the name should reflect the excellent Coop wine selection /prices & have voted for ‘Pino & Co.’
    However,had I joined earlier, I would have suggested the name ‘PiCo Grigio’

  3. Pioneer sounds like a tv . White wave is memorable I like it .
    I have no ideas of my own not very imaginative sorry 😏

  4. I suggested pioneer, but I wanted to add Clover leaf as a suggestion, did anyone suggest this?

  5. I wouldn’t worry Lee, I also suggested it on the 19/4 at 11.19am online and not a dickey bird

  6. I think several people suggested Pioneer because there are already many wines called Pioneer. e.g. St.Clair Pioneer. I think the co-op wine should have it’s own name.

  7. I’ve had nothing back regarding naming the wine pioneer?

    • Hi Lee, this is the results of the name suggestion. You can cast your vote about which name you’d like to wine to be from the three choices above. ^Catherine

  8. I liked the white wave name so voted for that. Good luck everybody though

  9. White wave!

  10. I also suggested pioneer 🙁

  11. Hi Louise, Thanks for pointing that out to us. It’s all been changed now. Which name are you voting for? ^Sophie

  12. Hi Co-op Blogs,

    Thank you very much and a fantastic opportunity for Member Voice.

    You may wish to delete at the end of Pioneer text ‘*Golden State – Suggested by Nancy Wilson, Co-op member from Rossendale’ *as it is listed again as the fourth choice underneath.

    Kind regards

    Louise Walker Senate / East of England Constituency Co-operative Group National Members Group

    On Sat, Apr 22, 2017 at 10:54 AM, The Co-op Blogs wrote:



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