Today we’ve launched a report on the community that shows young people in a new light and confounds common prejudices. Our findings show that under 25 year olds are more likely than both their parents or grandparents to get involved in local causes.

I’ve spent this morning talking about the report and our involvement in the communities to national and local media. Our way of doing business can make a critical difference and through our Co-op Community Report 2017 we can begin to have a better understanding of community life to help inform our future activity.

Over 30 million Brits feel part of a community.

Overall, the report shows that communities are alive and well and there’s a great sense of pride in being a part of them. This is very welcome news for all those who believe that communities should be at the very heart of the UK. But that doesn’t mean all is well.

The research indicates considerable public concern that funding for communities is under enormous pressure while at the same time the need for community cohesion has never been greater.

At a time when investment is being cut back, we’re proud to be increasing our community activity. Our new Co-op Membership is a bold approach to addressing these concerns. It’s also reassuring to see that local shops continue play a key role in community life.

We are beginning a new chapter as we demonstrate our Co-op difference by establishing real relationships within our communities, connecting local causes, colleagues, members and Member Pioneers in a meaningful way.

I am proud to be a part of it.

Find out more about the state of communities in 2017 in our Co-op Community Report 2017.

Rufus Olins,
Chief Membership Officer

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  1. Dear Mr Olins and The Local Community Fund Team

    Yesterday I called in to our local Co-op store here in Deyes Lane Maghull Liverpool L31 to pass to the Managers and Staff the attached letter of appreciation; a copy of which I also wanted to forward to the Local Community Fund Team.

    Today Mr Olins I have just received and read your email below, and I hope you do not mind my forwarding a copy of my letter on to you also.

    In the meantime a BIG Thank you to all the Team and everyone involved in The Co-op LCF.

    Yours sincerely

    Geoff Walker

    Trustee of St Andrew’s Church Maghull L31 6DD


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