I am absolutely delighted to be able to say that from today Co-op will be the only major UK food retailer to stock 100% British fresh meat – something no other major UK retailer can say. 

And when I say 100%, I mean 100%. From our pork pies, to our tikka chicken masala ready meals, from our lamb chops to our beef rogan josh, from our scotch eggs to the bacon in our BLT – all will use British meat. 

Like many supermarkets, we already sell a lot of British fresh meat. Our beef, chicken, ham, sausages, duck, and turkey are all British, but from today we are adding 365 days a year, bacon and lamb to our 100% British commitment. That’s for everything from sandwiches, to ready meals to fresh meat.

That makes the Co-op true pioneers, because no other major British retailer can say this, and that makes me really proud.

It’s a surprise to most people, but meat imports into the UK have doubled over the last 20 years hitting over £6.2bn.  As a retailer that is passionate about supporting local communities and our desire to demonstrate our support to our British Farmers, we felt it important to play our part in addressing the balance.

Because we are owned by our members, we can make these decisions – ones we’ve been making for nearly 180 years. From leading the way in Fairtrade to championing The One Water Foundation, we have a proud history in doing the right thing for communities home and abroad.

I hope others will join us in our latest championing move; but for now, let’s just say I’m so proud our Co-op is leading the charge in its move to being 100% committed 100% of the time.

Join Us and together we can all support British Farmers.

 Jo Whitfield
Co-op Food CEO (Interim)

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  1. Great news for our farmers


  2. It’s amazing that ALL products with meat will be British – well done! As a member of our National Council I was recently asked by a member whether we have any plans to expand our range of lamb as he would like to have a wider choice of cuts. Maybe something we could look at Jo?


  3. Please confirm: does “British fresh meat” mean that all animals are born and raised in Britain, and slaughtered (humanely) at approved British abattoirs?


  4. What about Irish meat ? At the moment at least half my shop has British items boycotts work both ways but create losers on both sides


    • Hi Stan, our 100% British meat sourcing commitment sees the Co-op change from Danish bacon and New Zealand lamb to British. We haven’t sourced own brand fresh meat from Ireland for many years. Our commitment is not targeted against Ireland or linked to EU negotiations. We trade wholly in the UK and as a co-operative owned by members in the UK we are continuing our policy to support local communities, including farmers, and is in response to our members telling us that British sourcing is important to them. ^Catherine



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