May 10, 2017

The Co-op Way Report 2016

Today we’ve released our Co-op Way Report which reports on all the ways we demonstrate our Purpose – through our business, ethics, democracy, community, sustainability, and much more. Some of these things are unique to us – like helping victims of Modern Slavery back into work; giving £9 million to local causes through our Membership; and campaigning to tackle loneliness.

We know it’s important to our members that their business is run in an ethical and sustainable manner which is why, for over a decade we’ve been committed to providing a comprehensive report on our ethics and sustainability performance to help you understand how we’re doing.

This year we asked members to help shape the way we reported on our progress through Co-op Join In which is why, for the first time, our report is in two parts: an Overview and a Performance Data Report.

You can read the whole report here, or see the highlights in the video below.

I believe that this year’s report helps highlight the journey our Co-op has been through as part of our Rebuild. Our history is full of inspiring examples of where we’ve led on issues that mattered most to our members, and this years’ report is no different. From commitments on 100% fresh British meat to ensuing 80% of our products have easy-to-recycle packaging by 2020; this report helps showcase The Co-op Way.

I’d like to thank the members who joined in and helped shape the way we reported our progress this year, and I hope when you read the report, you feel a sense of pride for how we’ve spent the last few years re-focusing on our ethical roots.

Amina Batool,
Sustainability Reporting Manager

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  1. It is a very well-known and an old hosting supplier firm.

  2. Miembro de Partner and Learning Institute de Microsoft del Foro Mundial de docentes Innovadores en Washington.

  3. Quite amazing that power is 99% from renewable sources – this is something that should be trumpeted louder. Also very good that there is a policy over renewable packaging, but couldn’t it be an even higher target?

  4. I think the video is great. Will it be shared on social media?
    Those of us that work for the Coop know how great it is. We need to tell others so they are more aware and appreciate our difference.

  5. New store in Horley woodlouse to open shortly. …is local people working there…?


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