The grape, picked by members. The name, suggested and chosen by members. The label design concepts, inspired by members.

And now it’s time for members to vote to decide which label concept will be worked up to grace the bottle of our first ever Member-designed wine, Pioneer Pinot Grigio.

Working with our designers, our wine team has drawn inspiration from over 200 label ideas suggested by members. What’s not in doubt is the incredible creativity, wit and knowledge of our members. We had some cracking ideas – ranging from timeless, typography-centred designs to rather more surreal offerings – like a pie pictured on an ear (pie-on-ear – love it!).

There are the three design concepts that have made the shortlist. And don’t forget, you could be in with a chance of winning a week’s trip for 2 to California by simply voting for your favourite.

#1 Grizzly Bear Concept

Inspired by Jonathan Grey, Co-op Member, Manchester & Christopher Pipe, Co-op Member, Peterlee.

We really liked the use of the grizzly bear which features on the official flag of the state of California and originally dates back to 1846 (2 years after the Rochdale Pioneers!). We’ve gone with a modern twist on the label, incorporating similar colours palettes and style to the increasingly popular craft beer labels.

#2 Signpost Concept

Inspired by Tammy Mellor, Co-op Member, Leeds.

This label idea jumped out at us at first sight. It’s clear, simple and we believe it would give our wine a great stand-out presence on the shelf. With its nod to the bustling streets of San Francisco, we believe this label brings a bit of fun to the wine.

#3 Photography Concept

Inspired by many members – thank you one and all!

Lots of members sent us photographs, which got us thinking…We don’t have many wines in the range that make great use of photography on the label. We think the simple use of bold photography with a strong typeface could really stop you in your tracks when you’re picking up a bottle for the weekend.

Once the votes are in our design team will continue to work on the winning concept to develop a final label that you will see on shelves.

The vote will close on Sunday 11 June at 11.59pm.

A huge thank you once more for all your creative entries. I’m really excited to see which one emerges as the members’ choice, so please vote now for your favourite.

Joe Turner,
Wine Buyer

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  1. […] 1,500 Co-op Members voted to decide which design idea will be worked up to grace the bottle of the first-ever Co-op member-designed wine, when it […]

  2. I think the boat one is good but good have been made brighter and so more cheerily optimistic

  3. All 3 have separate issues.

    1. Grreat attitude but lose the accessories on the bear!
    2. Tram looks like Heinz beanz rolling down the hill, typography lacks and feel’s outdated but the colours are spot on, certainly stand out of the shelf!
    3. Good for a book cover but too dark for a white pinot surely?! Overall essence for pioneer is ok albeit too forced.

    20 1 6 layout on 2 & 3 is a bit off too.

  4. ……and standing out is great, if it makes you buy it 😉

  5. I have to say i’m not keen on any of the 3 you have selected sorry. Pinot is crisp, dry and refreshing and i don’t think any of them say that. The Boat choice is too dark and imo better for a red. The tram one is too colourful and too fruity looking (would definitely put me off buying the wine, as would the boat one). The grizzly one is too jokey, as Stuart Cankett said above, but to me it has the right colours for a bottle of dry white at least! I’m not against a photo on the label though – just not a dark one.
    I tend to really like Co-op wines but these would put me off.

    • Hi Charlie. Appreciate your honest comment on the designs. The fact it is designed by a member should really make it stand out a little and not blend in, perhaps. What do you think? ^Ian

      • Hiya 🙂
        I love the idea of having members design the label – it’s great. Also I agree that it should stand out. I love the photo of the boat and the choppy waters, its really good in fact, but i don’t think it’s right for the product. I’m not a professional though, just a consumer! It would put me off though I think. Do you have a favourite?

  6. Make it a real grizzly if you think a bear is an appropriate symbol for a wine. The jokey winking bear with sun glasses and CND chain is just trivialising the label and the contents.

  7. Why politicise label 1? Anyway why model it as a craft beer?


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