Today is the start of Co-operatives Fortnight, where all co-ops in the UK will be celebrating everything co-operative.

Our Co-op is part of a huge movement made up of thousands of independent co-operatives in the UK. We all share the core values and principles of co-operation, that’s what makes us all a better way of doing business.

There are lots of different types of co-ops, like the Irula Snake Catchers Co-operative Society in India and dinosaur track hunters, Subeng Dinosaur Youth Co-operative, in Lesotho. You can find out more about co-operatives here in the UK from Co-operatives UK, the body behind Co-operatives Fortnight and more about co-operatives across the world from the International Co-operative Alliance.

It’s time to co-operate, do you have some great stories of co-operation to share? No matter how big or small, every act of co-operation is a step toward a better community for all of us. From helping out your neighbours or volunteering at your sports club, co-operation is vital.

Together we can make great things happen.

Share on social media using #CoopStories from 17 June – 1 July and you could win £50 Co-op Food vouchers, full terms and conditions apply.

Russell Gill

Head of Co-operative Relations


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  1. Mine is the co-op in Billinge Wigan staff are so friendly and even offered to bring my shopping home for me when she finished work as I had a broken shoulder and humerus! Said don’t you worry if you ever want a bigger shop I’ll drop it off when I finish !!! What a wonderful gesture ! And this is why I do nearly all my shopping in Co-Op and of course 5% cash back is brilliant saving it up for Christmas

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  2. […] This Co-operatives Fortnight we’re celebrating stories of co-operation from across the UK. From helping out neighbours or volunteering at local clubs to tackling major problems like climate change, co-operation is vital as we achieve much more when we work together. […]


  3. My favourite store new one on Chorley old Horwich. Very good parking well stocked very good friendly staff



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