July 31, 2017

Now Cooking

Ten members, four weeks, one challenge, to complete the Now Cook It online cookery course that we’ve cooked up with our friends at SortedFood and tell us all about their experience.

The Now Cook It challenge brought together sausage burners, finger choppers and instant noodle enthusiasts – all united in a wish to take their culinary prowess up a notch or two and in so doing help us to improve Now Cook It.

It’s a great example of members working with the Co-op to achieve something that benefits everyone. Check out the video to see how it all panned out.

There are always ways for you to Join In with your Co-op. Log into your membership account and check out the opportunities for you to get involved with your Co-op right now.

Abs Dey
Now Cook It Product Manager

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  1. […] aiming to complete the London Classics some day – Helped the Co-op test out their Now Cook It campaign – Had my first skiing lessons as I’ve been inveigled into going skiing this […]

  2. Didn’t know they were running a course, thought it was online recipes and videos only, a course sounds like fun!


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