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We’re really pleased to announce that Co-op Electrical has joined the Co-op Membership scheme. From today Co-op Members can use their rewards through Co-op Electrical.

This means our members can now spend the 5% reward they have earned in our Food and Funeral businesses on purchases on our online Electrical store. The rewards can be used as part or full payment for an electrical item, our delivery service or on our unique cost price extended warranties.

In addition to this, Co-op Members can earn 5% back for themselves when they buy selected leading brands from our online Electrical store, as well as 1% for community projects where they live.

We’re proud to be the only Electrical retailer to offer a reward this generous and it’s a huge financial benefit for our members. This new offer on top of our cost price extended warranties and fantastic customer service makes us a great choice for electrical purchases.

If you are a Member you can find your current exclusive deals and offers via the Co-op Membership pages.

James Holland
Managing Director, Co-op Electrical

For further information and terms and conditions visit coop.co.uk/electrical

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  1. I purchased a TV in January thinking i would get reward points but nothing yet !
    I also emailed to the membership email contact address and got a reply back saying replies to this address are not monitored and won’t be responded to? Not quite sure why this is a contact address then???



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