Sad cat for Blue Monday

Co-op Funeralcare has launched new ‘Pet Cards’ as a means of raising awareness of pets that may be home alone, in case of something happening to the owner.

With the UK pet population around 57 million, these wallet sized cards ensure someone is contacted if a pet owner were to become ill or injured making sure our four legged, furry or feather friends are looked after.

When speaking with clients and members of the local community, I came to realise that I wasn’t the only one who’d ever considered who would look after my pet if anything happened to me. So, rather than direct our clients to rescue or re-homing centres, I created “Pet Cards” for the local residents of Armthorpe.

The idea really took off, so Co-op Funeralcare have begun to roll them out nationwide to help put pet owners’ minds at ease. These complimentary cards will be distributed in local communities across the country and we hope that people will start to take this simple precautionary measure to ensure their furry companion is never left alone.

Bridgette Perks
Funeral Arranger for Armthorpe’s Funeralcare

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  1. What a brilliant idea and this would surely be taken up by most pet owners.


  2. We agree, Sue, a brilliant solution. ^Jordan


  3. Can we get these into stores/support centre?

    Having had an emergency last year where my wife and I were in unexpectedly in hospital overnight, our poor dog was alone. Luckily we could arrange for someone to go and pick her up but would’ve been awful if we couldn’t!


  4. I like this a lot. Great idea.

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  5. My dear dear colleague Dale is a real cat lover. I know he will overjoyed to have this safeguard in place should the worst happen. He would be so distressed if his two beloved cats weren’t to be fed on time. I’m sure he will show me the card Monday. Great stuff (and Im sure Kiki and Bella would agree. Meow!).


  6. Where can we get them from?



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