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I’m Abimbola, a Member Pioneer in York. Being involved in the community comes naturally to me. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. So, getting an opportunity to build bridges between Co-op and my local community is amazing.

I’m here to do my best to revive community spirit and make people understand that helping one another can make life easier. Being a Member Pioneer has just given me more of a platform.

Helping young people grow

I know that Co-op wants to do more to support and educate young people. Obviously, with two young children of my own, it’s a passion for me.

I’ve become an official volunteer at my sons’ school and am planning to go into other schools to talk about Fairtrade, showing our Co-op products and what buying them means for producers across the world.

I’m also working with two other mums to get Chapelfields Community Garden off the ground. It’s an ideal place for local children to learn about growing fruit and vegetables and educate them about where food comes from.

I’ve also been in touch with Edible York, The Woodland Adventure Company and the Woodcraft Folk; a co-operative that’s been involved with our Co-op for a long time.

We want to get as many people to work with us – then we can bring the community in – attracting older people who have skills they can pass on to our young people.

Looking after older people

Chatting to Elsie, an elderly lady I met in our local store, about how Co-op was the centre of her family’s life growing up, made me determined to do more to support older people.

I’ve already been in touch with our Funeralcare business to see if they can work with the local care homes to better support dementia sufferers and their carers.

But, it’s also about the small things. There’s a lollipop lady at my sons’ school. After 39 years she’s had to retire because she’s not so well. We’re planning a party for her in the park and my local store are donating some food.

Member Pioneer, York

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  1. Hi I like to work As a volunteer if you got anything available in East London let me know please thanks

  2. Wow. Really inspirational. I hope to be able to find out more.

  3. I have been a member pioneer since December 2017, it is the most satisfying job I have ever had. A daily buzz without pressure!

  4. Interesting Abimbola. I am looking into doing some voluntary work in the future and this is a different avenue to look into.
    Well done for the things you have taken on; a little bit of kindness in your local community goes a long way with a focus and energy.

  5. You are an inspiration Abimbola to your community in York. Absolutely brilliant.


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