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Applications for the next round of funding are now closed.

When you finished your Local Community Fund online application you’ll have seen a screen, which thanked you for your application. Unfortunately, we’ve realised that a fault in the system means not all completed applications were saved.

How to check your online application was received

1. Check for an email from ‘noreply@causes.coop.co.uk’ or search the subject header ‘Thanks, We’ve got your Co-op Local Community Fund application’. This email contains the following message:

Hello Name Surname
Thanks for your application.
Now we’ve got it, we’ll be working with the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF).
CAF might contact you if we need further information or to ask for your bank details if you’re not registered with them.
You don’t need to do anything else for now, we’ll contact you by November 2017 to let you know if you’re successful.
Many thanks
Co-op Local Community Fund Team

2. If you can find the email there’s nothing you need to do – we’ll be in contact in November.

3. If you can’t find the email – fill in this simple form and we’ll check if you’re one of the causes affected.

We’re keeping applications open until 30 August 2017.

We know you’re busy people and we’re really sorry to have to ask you to review your application, but we don’t want you to miss out on the chance to benefit from our Local Community Fund.

If you have any questions please comment below or tweet us at @Coopuk

Ruth Blazye
Head of Community and Delivery

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  1. Hi, I’m really sorry about this. Can you please send email to : communityteam@coop.co.uk and they will help you further. Thanks ^Abid

    • Unrelated. But can’t find help !
      Filled an online shopping order for home delivery.
      Received timeslot of –” 12——2pm , on 24.08.2020
      Nobody turned up. Very disappointed and as 74 year old widow I have to find someone else to get my shopping for me.

  2. I am trying to fit in the application form for Co-op local causes Community Fund Grant on behalf of Braunton & District Museum but when I get to the page to fill in bank details, once I have filled these in and press “Continue” I get an error message using both Safari & Chrome browsers that I can’t continue with the application – which closes on 12th July!

    Can you help me?


    Willie Bradford
    Chairman of the Trustees of Braunton Museum

  3. Thanks in advance

  4. Hi, Can someone tell me the date the next round of funding opens. I cannot find a date on the website anywhere and I know its soon. Thanks

  5. Hi Ruth,

    Thanks for letting us know about this. I made an application of behalf of King’s Arms Project (Bedford) in August 2017 but don’t appear to have a confirmation email. I tried to access the online form on the blog but it doesn’t appear to be working. Our postcode is MK42 9AZ and we are currently receiving support from the fund for a different project.

    Is there any chance that you can confirm if the application has been received?



    • Hi Steve, you need to fill in this form – http://coop.uk/2wcc5WY You say you can’t access it, which devise are you using? ^Catherine

      • Thanks Catherine. The message I get is:

        ‘You need permission

        This form can only be viewed by users in the owner’s organisation.

        Try contacting the owner of the form if you think that this is a mistake. Learn more.’

        I’ve tried accessing the form both through a windows laptop (chrome and windows edge browsers) and through an Iphone too.

        Would there be another way of doing this or a way round this?


  6. Hi Danny, please can you give my membership colleagues a call on 0800 023 5708. They will be able to help. ^Scott

  7. Oh no I only just heard about this. We applied as a scout group in Evanton bit go not eMail. Is it too late now?

  8. Hi Guys

    I submitted an application for the Aberdeen Mountain Rescue Team and I havent heard anything back. I cant seem the access the system and it is now saying my area is closed to bids?? Can you please let me know how I should approach this and if we have got in??



  9. Hi there,
    When I enter our charity postcode, it seems like you are not accepting applications anymore for the area. However, when I checked yesterday it was still open with a closing date on the 30th August, any reason for this?
    Many thanks

  10. Hello Co op, we are a local foodbank in North Paddington. Our name is North Paddington Foodbank. We just wanted to double check if you’re considering supporting foodbanks in Paddington, London?
    Many thanks!

  11. Hello – we are the current charity partner of 3 of the Leeds city centre stores. I was given the deadline of 8th August to reapply to be considered for the next round of support. I went onto the website on the morning of that day to submit my application and it informed me that applications were closed for this area. I was gutted as we really wanted the opportunity to continue the great work the stores are doing for us and build on that relationship. The store manager has asked me to look at trying again in case it was this technical error but it is still not letting me.
    Can you help?

  12. I have made an application and have no email confirmation. I have submitted the form twice to see whether you have received my application but have no response from that either. Do I need to apply again? Or will you advise soon whether you have my application for Artbeat Studios Hawick?

  13. Hi we applied for this rouod and we didn’t receive the confirmation email. I filled out the form above to have it checked on the 19/8 and haven’t heard anything yet . I’m getting worried and don’t want to miss out being in the running. Any Help you can give we would be grateful

  14. Hello Ruth, I filled in a Local Community Fund Application online application around the 1st August for the Bute Elderly Befrienders part of our Cowal Elderly Befrienders SCIO project. I have had no confirmation so far. I also filled in the ‘simple form’ mentioned above but have not had a reply from that either. Can you advise me here? Thank you Robin

  15. I heard that the applications for Grantown-on-Spey have not closed but on the your website it says that they have closed for this area. Please could you tell me how to apply?

  16. Hi there,

    I applied and was sent an email confirming my application was received and I would be contacted in January 2018 to advise if my application had been successful. However, your email says people would be contacted in November 2017.

    Can you clarify my application for the Chris Mitchell Foundation was received and whether I’ll find out if it was successful or not in November 2017, or January 2018.

    Kind Regards

    Laura Mitchell

  17. Hi – I completed your online application form for the Local Community Fund and have not heard anything. I also completed the form attached to this email to check if you received my application and have not heard back from this either! Shall I just go ahead and resubmit my application from the start to be on the safe side?

    • Hi Vikki, The team will be in touch soon to confirm whether we have your application or not but if you’d prefer to resubmit your application that’s absolutely fine. ^Sophie

      • Have just tried to re-submit an application just in case, but it says applications are now closed for my area 🙁

  18. I completed an application form and have submitted your query form but have not had a response to say whether it was received.
    Charity name is CHAT (Community Health Around Torpoint) postcode PL11 2AJ / PL11 2AA

    • Hi Rebecca. To be clear, you applied to the Local Community Fund but did not receive a confirmation email so you filled in the form linked to from this blog post and haven’t heard back from us regarding that form submission? ^Jordan

  19. I completed a form on behalf of Downton Band but didn’t get the email reply. Do I have to complete another form? Thanks Paul

  20. Hello my reply
    email says January 2018 to let you know if you’re successful. is that wrong ?
    Thank you

  21. hi we have already received funding from you community fund do we need to reply each time ?

  22. Hi – I have never applied the Local Community Fund online application. I did put an application in offering to become a Community Pioneer!

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