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Our Co-op is at the heart of the communities we serve, so when it comes to launching new Co-op Food stores or Funeral Homes, the Property team’s involvement starts well before our stores and funeral homes are even open.

Hazard Alley

While building Bodmin Place’s new Co-op in Milton Keynes, our New Stores Team were asked by the local community to help out at a local child safety centre, Hazard Alley.

The safety centre was set up in collaboration between Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service and Thames Valley Police. Hazard Alley teaches vital safety skills to over 15,000 children every year in a life-like village setting where children can interact with the exhibit to identify potential hazards and learn more about the risks of peer pressure and bullying, too.

Hazard Saftey Centre’s New Co-op

Like any imitation village scene worth its salt, Hazard Alley has its very own Co-op. But, the store was in need of some loving repair and a rebrand, so whilst building Bodmin Place’s Co-op, together with our partners Kingfisher, gave Hazard Safety Centre’s Co-op a facelift too.

Hazard Safety Centre’s Co-op went from this:

To this:

We changed the fascia, refit the inside and restocked the shelves with our new Co-op products too.

Stephen Lamb
Head of New Space

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