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Over the last few decades I’ve known lots of different communities – from my early days in Wigan, and the Children’s homes I’ve lived in, to the community I found in Ethiopia, and the artistic and philanthropic communities I’m now part of.

The beautiful thing is that community means lots of different things to different people. I haven’t always loved the communities I’ve been part of, but the great thing is that people have the potential to be part of any number of communities – not just where you live, but where you work, the teams you’re part of, where you volunteer or where your family lives. You get to choose your community.

You can make that change in your community

One thing I’ve learned from my experience of community is that positive change only happens when you make it happen. So if you love your community but wish it was different, you can make that change – set up that yoga class that people want, improve your local park, campaign for better transport, or set up social clubs to help tackle loneliness. 

That’s what I like about Co-op’s Member Pioneers, and why I jumped at the chance to become a Member Pioneer Ambassador. The people recruited will be given everything they need to make a change in their community – time, money and support from people at the Co-op. 

As a Member Pioneer Ambassador, I’m so passionate about this opportunity, as it’s a way we can counter some of the negativity in the world. There’s so much division and ‘us vs them’ and I worry that if we don’t get involved in our communities as a force for good and have a positive influence in it, something more negative might try instead.

Become a force for good, become a Member Pioneer

So if you’re passionate about making good changes, why not consider signing up to be a Member Pioneer, to help the Co-op improve communities. I can’t tell you where it will lead as that’s up to you, but I know that you’ll make new friends and contacts along the way, and have an even greater sense of your own community and the sense of doing something worthwhile.

So, why should you get involved? Quite simply because your community needs you, now more than ever.

Lemn Sissay
Member Pioneer Ambassador

All roles are paid and offer part time hours that are flexible around your lifestyle

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  2. Thanks for sharing this with us, Julia

  3. Hi – I am one of the first Member Pioneers and was at the AGM in May when you spoke as our Ambassador. These first few months have been a great experience having given me the opportunity to get involved in my community under the Co-op’s banner. Encouraging causes to apply for the community fund and helping our supported charities with fundraising activities has been great fun and worthwhile for the charities concerned. I’m in Brighton and am linked with the local stores in Kemptown, St James Street, North Street and Whitehawk – there are so many causes that present themselves once you start to explore and talk to people about what’s going on. I’d encourage anyone thinking of applying to go for it!

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