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I’m Justine, a Member Pioneer in Chester. I’ve always enjoyed working in the community so when I heard about the role with Co-op I jumped at the chance.

Now I’m able to do my community work with extra support, making it much easier to connect with people. I’m passionate about getting young people involved with their local community, as I’m only 23, and in my work I haven’t met that many young people doing what I do. For me, spreading the word through social media is really important so I’ve set up a Twitter account where I’ll be showcasing my work to other young people. You can follow me on Twitter here.

Breaking down barriers

Within our local community at Hoole there’s a famously independent high street which is supported and celebrated by a group of volunteers called Notting Hoole. In the past, they have protested against the arrival of bigger retailers in the area so I felt it was important to build a relationship with them before Co-op’s new store opened.

Funnily enough I met Sue, the chair of Notting Hoole, completely by accident when we both attended a fundraiser at Eaton Hall in Ecclestone. I’m hoping that now we have that connection we can work together so that the Co-op store is embraced by the community.

Beyond the money

When I’m describing to people what a Member Pioneer is I say that my role is to go beyond the money local causes receive through Co-op’s Local Community Fund. I want to help showcase the work our local causes are doing and get colleagues involved too.

Soon I will be meeting with the local Care Manager of Funeralcare, Lee, so that we can work together to share the great work that his team do within the community and work on building a close relationship with the new food store.

Member Pioneer, Chester

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