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As a Co-op Member, you have a say in the things we do and how we are run. One way members can have their say is through our new Shape your Community events, run by our National Members’ Council. There are 20 of these events happening across the country over the next few months, for members and anyone else that’s interested in our work.

We will be asking you:

  • what you think the Co-op should campaign on
  • what you’d do to improve your community
  • ideas about what Co-op could do to help your community

The feedback you give us will influence our Co-op Way policy (how we run our business in line with our ethics) and will help us focus on what matters most in your local community.

We will be telling you about:

Join us, in person or online

Find out more about the events, and how to book your place.

If you can’t come along in person, you can still get involved, by filling in the questions in this short survey about what matters to you and your community.

I hope to see you at an event or hear from you soon.

Rufus Olins
Director of Community and Campaigns

Join the conversation! 3 Comments

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  2. I can’t wait until 28th September in Plympton. So excited.


  3. […] this blog post for more details on where and when they are, and how you can get involved in person and […]



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