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We know that gluten free products are in high demand and finding these can be challenging at times, so we’re thrilled to tell you that Co-op is the first retailer to make all our own brand fresh soups completely gluten free.

This doesn’t just include our core range of Tomato & Basil, Carrot & Coriander and Minestrone it includes all our Irresistible range.

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As well as being gluten free, the majority of our own brand soups are vegetarian and/or vegan, just look out for the “V” symbol on the packaging.

We’ve recently introduced new flavours to our gluten free range; Lentil Dahl Soup, a Dahl inspired with carrot, sweet potato, tomatoes and chickpeas with lentils, and Irresistible Red Thai Chicken Soup, a Red Thai curry inspired soup with skinless British chicken thigh, coconut, red pepper, lemongrass, lime leaf and Thai basil.

Our full range of Co-op gluten free soups

Gluten free flavours

  • Chicken & Veg
  • Irresistible Pea & Ham
  • Irresistible Moroccan Chicken
  • Irresistible Red Thai Chicken

Gluten free and vegetarian

  • Minestrone
  • Broccoli & Stilton
  • Carrot & Coriander

Gluten free and vegan

  • Irresistible Tomato & Lentil
  • Chunky Veg
  • Lentil Dahl
  • Tomato & Basil

What other gluten free products are available?

It’s not just our Own Brand Fresh Soups that are Gluten Free, we also offer a wide range of other Free From Gluten Products at the Co-op that we know you’d absolutely love, including all our sausages and Irresistible crisps. We also stock a range of Branded Gluten Free products- including some tempting chocolate desserts!

View the full list of free from gluten products available in Co-op stores. Please note not all products are available in all stores.

A number of our free from products have even won awards; our Irresistible Brownie Stacker (Olive 2017 Best Picnic Item) and Free From Mince Pies (Olive 2016 Best Free From Mince Pies).

Are there any more gluten free products coming soon?

We will be launching a brand new free from Christmas range consisting of scrumptious mince pies, chocolate coins and a chocolate gift box.

In 2018 we will have an improved free from offering within our Food To Go range and we will be focussing on developing more combined free from gluten, milk and egg offerings for 2018/19.

How can I identify free from gluten products?GFLOGO

With most Co-op own brand products it’s really simple, just look for the purple symbol which simply indicates gluten free products. There are some products which don’t have this symbol but we’re updating them as soon as we can.

Need some gluten free inspiration?

If you’re looking for some tasty gluten free recipe ideas, you can find a whole host of them at on our recipe site. Let us know how you get on and tweet us @coopukfood or tag us on Instagram @coopukfood.

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Jemima Green
Junior Buyer

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  1. Hi Nat, I can get this passed back to our buyers for them to consider restocking at their next review, we cannot make any promises unfortunately. ^Ryan

  2. Hi! What has happened to your Irresistible Red Thai Chicken soup? I used to love buying that in winter and went to look for it recently in the shops and online but no longer to be found. Please bring this product back!

  3. Coop Gluten free Hot Cross Buns are beautiful, light and the best alternative to the real thing, as are the white rolls. Thank you Co-op – now just need to work on prices, thankfully demand is now driving the prices down….. Keep up the good work, your products are far excelling from the 3 big chains 🙂 and one of the budget chains, does not even stock Gluten Free unless its an offer 🙁 Thank you again 🙂

  4. Just bought coop chicken and veg soup ! I have never tasted anything like it before , it was like eating greasy fat , like they had boiled up a load of chicken skin ! I had to throw it away , i would tell you what the veg was like if it had any taste to it !

  5. Oh no! Do you have the packaging? Can you return to your local store for a refund? ^Scott

  6. Don’t usually buy pre-packaged soup and never will again. Your chunky vegetable soup was absolutely awful, it had absolutely no flavour but left an unpleasant, greasy texture in the mouth. I managed 2 spoonfuls and tipped the rest away. Yuck!

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  8. Soup doesn’t need to have any gluten products in it and the broccoli and Stilton soup is disgusting

  9. Just would like to say that I bought the co-ops gluten free mince pies last Xmas and I prefer these to any other .Before I was diagnosed wth being coeliac I had tried other makes but these are the best of them all .Keep up the good work co-op.

  10. […] Lentil Dahl Soup, with carrot, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, chickpeas and lentils. It’s low fat, 1 of your 5 a day and only 113kcal per serving […]

    • I found a big lump of jelly in the Lentil Dahl Soup even after it was heated. Is this right? Very disappointed 😔

  11. Brilliant! Much appreciated. I’m Coeliac too & I love the Co-op. If you need any help with research or anything let me know. Keep up the good work!

  12. It would have been better if the cut stem symbol was the same as the already recognised one.

  13. I appreciate the lengths the Co-Op are going to to have better options for celiacs! These soups look great!

  14. Far better you ensured that your meat products are cruelty free. Clearly marking on the label that the animals were fully stunned prior to slaughter, I am sure there are far more of your customers concerned over this than there are coeliac customers.

    • Hi Maggie, you can find out more about animal welfare here: http://coop.uk/2gfWuUf ^Catherine

    • I am sure there are more coeliacs ,who if they eat gluten can be seriously ill than those who are looking for cruelty free meat products . well done coop

    • Maggie your reply is wrong. I support animal welfare in fact some of my best friends are animals, however, if one eats animal products sourced ethically or non ethically, it is unlikely that will cause illness, however, eating gluten does cause illness of varying severity. Please carry on your work lobbying corporate suppliers of food over animal welfare, but do not criticise them when they make an improvement in one area of food production and food labelling, simply because it does not meet with your current thoughts on meat!

  15. This is excellent news . It is most important we have a good range of Gluten free products easily available on the shelves in our Co-op Stores.


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