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Every year when our Christmas lunchtime range comes back, we hear from you on social media about how much you love it. Coffee shops have their colourful cups and town centres have ice rinks, our Co-op has the Boxing Day sandwich (and much more too).

What’s in-store?

We’ve brought back some Christmas lunchtime favourites from last Christmas and added some new festive products to our food-to-go lunchtime range too.

Next time you’re in your local Co-op looking for lunch, you’ll see:

  • Co-op Irresistible Pigs Under Blankets Sandwich
  • Co-op Boxing Day Lunch Sandwich
  • Co-op Irresistible Smoked Cheddar & Bacon Relish Sandwich
  • Co-op Gluten Free Turkey Wrap
  • Co-op Pork & Stuffing Scotch Egg
  • Co-op Pigs in Blankets with Cranberry Dip
  • Co-op Turkey & Trimmings Wrap
  • Co-op Turkey & Trimmings Sandwich
  • Co-op jumbo Sausage Roll cracker with Cranberries
  • Co-op Turkey Bacon & Cranberry Pasta

Giving back, this Christmas

Every time you buy a Co-op Christmas sandwich, you’ll be helping us raise £50,00 for Co-op Foundation’s work to tackle youth loneliness. 32% of 16-24-year-olds feel lonely always or often, we can all help change this by funding projects tackling loneliness among disadvantaged young people.

We’ll also be donating 10p from every Co-op Advent Calendar sold to Co-op Foundation.

Emily Radcliffe
Product Developer – Food To Go & Hot Food

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  1. Corr the Boxing Day lunch sandwich is absolutely banging! Amy Marta and I have made a complete agreement that this is the best sandwich to hit the shelves this winter! If you do have the chance to purchase this for yourself, go ahead and snap one of these up. The mix between the coleslaw and raisins really compliment each other. A negative thing I can think of about this sandwich is how the can they better this next year! Another negative is I have an addiction to this sandwich and I cannot eat any other sandwich now, it is a real problem and my doctor has told me to stop immediately. But you know what I say ‘ more Boxing Day lunch sandwich’s please’ can I have a sponsor ship for this sandwich I will promote this sandwich to its absolute maximum and I would not dissapoint!

  2. […] received a message from the team behind the Co-op Food Twitter account, inviting me to share their Christmas lunch with a friend or colleague. I was looking forward to it, even if Thursdays are eigh in days! I was […]

  3. […] Delicious festive food in the shops, heartwarming Christmas ads on TV. And we’ve even seen some snow! No doubt about it, the countdown to the ‘big day’ is well underway. […]

  4. Sorry but that Boxing Day sandwich tastes a bit weird

  5. Fully agree with all the veggies/vegans, not having a meat-free and dairy-free option is a really big oversight!

  6. Hi

    The Christmas sandwich programme is great. I recently had a turkey and trimmings sandwich which was really nice. I wish you good luck with the social programmes. Best Wishes Philip Watson

  7. I would add my plea as a vegetarian not to be forgotten.

  8. The T I cheddar and bacon is delicious, working my way through them all daily when I have my break.

  9. Where is the vegerain option Co-op? Not impressed.

  10. It’s a shame there isn’t a sandwich in this range suitable for vegans – we like Chistmas too! The Coop should be encouraging customers to consume less animal products, so as to help reduce global warming. A vegan Christmas sandwich would be a start – maybe next year..?


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