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We regularly co-operate with others on ways to improve the lives of Co-op Members and customers, and you may have seen an example of this on Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast this evening.

Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast is a series that looks at ways to improve the nations eating habits. Looking at anything from tackling waste, improving the nation’s health, supporting British farmers to producers and educating British consumers on ways to make positive changes with their shopping habits.

We worked together to find the best way for our Co-op to support Jimmy and Jamie’s mission and it was decided we would work with the team on fava beans, educating people on what they are and how they add nutritional value, whilst exploring how they can be used in dishes.

What are Fava Beans?

Although not a very common ingredient, fava beans are a great source of fibre and protein and can be used as a meat alternative or within chickpea based products. There are several varieties of fava beans, both fresh and dried, and when cooked, dried fava beans have a similar texture to cooked chickpeas, just a little softer.

After trying the other products and dishes that Jamie and Jimmy would be serving in the same episode as our product, a dip, hummus or ready meal seemed to be the best way to use the fava bean.

Jamie and jimmys blog post

Our fava bean hummus

We looked at a range of healthy ready meals using fava beans as either a protein, vegetable addition or as a topping, dry roasted.

Hummus was a real challenge. Matching the texture of a standard chickpea hummus was harder than we initially thought as fava beans are drier. However we got there in the end and created a really tasty product with over 50% more protein than a chickpea hummus.

On the day of the show I talked with the producers about all of the options that our team had created and we both agreed that our fava bean hummus worked best.

I was really pleased to partner with the Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast team, to be part of this challenge, and to produce a great nutritional dish for the programme, using a humble British bean.

Liz Cassells
Head of Product Development

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  1. very good man subrcribe to pewdiepie

  2. Hi All, I take it that like Chickpeas ,Fava beans are also great for anyone trying to lose Weight ?
    If so even better as I do find the chickpeas are a little hard.

    Many Thanks & Seasons Greetings to All


  3. Well done Liz; I watched this tonight and it was good to see the co op using the beans as a way of getting protein into our food. Good to see the coop try new ideas.


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