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Last week a new Co-op opened close to where I live in Whittle-le-Woods, Lancashire. It’s special to me because I helped to bring it to my community, through Co-op’s Suggest a Site. Suggest a Site is a way for Co-op Members let the Co-op know where they want to see new shops, plus if your suggestion is successful you receive £500 worth of Co-op vouchers as a thank you.


I’ve been a Co-op Member for about five years and think the scheme is fantastic. I like it because it really makes me feel like part of my community; I get something back when I shop there and local causes do too.

I shop at the Co-op fairly regularly, but we didn’t have one near us so I went online to have a look for any upcoming developments and that’s how I came across suggest a site.

The site that I chose was the location an old pub that had been closed for a number of years. It’s on a main road with lots of houses nearby and plenty of space for parking. My children go to the local scout group that is just over the road and I thought it would be a perfect location for a store.

It took me less than 15 minutes to fill in the form – I just had to provide some information about myself and the site – and that was it. Now I’ve got £500 worth of Co-op vouchers that’ll come in very useful for Christmas. I definitely think other Members should give it a go, you never know what the outcome will be.

Richard Williams
Co-op member, Lancashire

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  1. The Co-op obtained a premises (originally Mullion Post Office) and it passed into the control/ownership I believe, at approximately the end of September, in Mullion Helston Cornwall. I believe the building is supposed to be redesigned/ altered etc, and re-open as a Co-op early next year and is to incorporate a post office counter. However, I am wondering why the Co-op have not yet started work on the building?


  2. Whittle Le Woods store is also now my local Co-op. It is great to have a lovely new Co-op store to walk to for my shopping – great range in there and lovely service. I’m very pleased you suggested it.


  3. Have a new co-op but lose my local pub? Stick it where the sun don’t shine. Probably one of the most unethical companies I’ve ever come across. Approaching skint breweries and buying profitable local pubs that have serviced the community for years. Should be ashamed of themselves. Luckily the pub where I’m stood right now is sat right next to a co-op so no immediate fears yet. But when they want to expand? This place will be finished. And for what? Overpriced food and rubbish service. Stick your £500 up your paphole!


  4. It’s great when communities get the new stores they need, what’s not good is when communities get new stores they don’t want or need to the detriment of another community assets. The co op are going to make the only community pub we have in our village unviable by building in the car park and garden of our village pub. You work with the Red Cross to combat loneliness in communities yet in our village you will be creating it, the pub will never survive with the garden and lots of events and functions for next year have already been cancelled. The pub has an ACV the council have never known so many objections and attendance at council meetings with the chambers bursting with people standing, it’s been spoke about twice in select committee in parliament and the press and radio coverage has been huge, it’s put our village on the map for the wrong reasons. The community are now waiting for the site works to start at anytime, a blot on the gateway to our lovely village that’s going to cause terrible traffic problems and eventually the lose of our grade two listed pub. So thanks for listening to us, the caring sharing co op, and all this to line the pockets of asset stripping greedy pub companies.



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