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To mark Local Charities Day we’ve published the Co-op’s Psychology of Giving Report, which shows that 52% of those aged 18-25 years old have given their time to support a charitable organisation in the past 12 months.

On the whole, we’re a charitable bunch in the UK:

  • we give £99.45 a year on average, to charity men on average donate more than women, £111.79 a year compared to £90.28
  • 82% of women are more likely to donate their time to a good cause with 78% of men doing the same
  • 43% of women have volunteered in the last 12 months, compared to 34% of men

The most generous city in the UK is Southampton, with an average contribution of £142 per person.


The psychology of giving

But, when it comes to the psychology of giving, there appear to be two main drivers:

  1. sense of responsibility, 43% feel this motivated their giving
  2. a desire to hand something back, 42% say this motives them

The feel good factor should not be underestimated either. Just under a third (31%) admit that a key reason for giving is because it makes them feel happy with 23% saying it makes them feel better about themselves.


The giving generation

One of the most encouraging findings is the civic spirit shown by young people. It is clear that the younger generation, which is often criticised for its selfishness, want to participate and engage even more than their parents or grand-parents.

The under 25s are far more likely to volunteer their time to support a good cause than any other age group.

At a time when inequality is threatening the wellbeing of our communities, it is heartening to see that the appetite exists to reverse the trend.

The energy, enthusiasm and idealism shown by under 25s is a sterling example for the rest of us slightly outside this age bracket. Times may be tough, but this seems only to have increased British compassion and concern, rather than diminished it.

Read the full report.

Rufus Olins
Director of Communities and Campaigns

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  1. 18-25 years old generation find their work seriously and have a great interest for their work. My sister also want to become a psychologist then I advised her to have keen interest to your study and career. So you become a motivated person.

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