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Over the past few months members have been joining in to help us understand a bit more about the recommendations, endorsements and awards that they find helpful when they’re buying things.

We wanted to know whether a product carrying a stamp of approval from Good Housekeeping magazine was more or less powerful than a quality award, or a member recommendation for example. We were keen to get a better handle on the type of endorsements members look out for, so we can ensure that our approach develops in a way that is most valuable to members.

We presented them with five different types of endorsement – some internal, some user-generated and some third party:

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Here’s what we heard:

  • Most members were positive about all five types of endorsements – each recommendation potentially influencing the buying decisions of at least two-thirds of members
  • But none emerged as a runaway leader
  • The close-run favourite was the ‘Created by Co-op Members’ stamp, which 80% members said at least ‘might’ influence their decision to choose a product
  • Only 1 in 6 members said that this stamp would make no difference to their decision making.
  • Members found the Feefo rating the least helpful of the mechanisms we explored, with 3 in 10 saying that it would make no difference to their purchasing
  • We also asked members to tell us about other endorsements they might take into account. They told us that they also took on board recommendations from staff in store, family, friends, other shoppers, experts or opinion formers

Next steps

It was great to see members responding so positively to the ‘Created by Co-op Members’ stamp – something that’s been developed by our in-house team for those products that members have been involved in shaping. We’ll be rolling this kind of stamp out on relevant products in the new year. We’re keeping them under wraps for now – but watch this space for more info soon.

Since we launched Join In over a year ago, members have been helping us to explore just how helpful member recommendations and testimonies are to other members. To date, much of this activity has been around beers, wines and spirits, but in the new year we’re hoping to test it on some food products. Keep an eye out for new tasting and reviewing opportunities in 2018.

Once that activity is complete we’ll have a much better overall picture of how members respond to different types of endorsement and will put together recommendations that will ensure our approach is much better aligned to their priorities going forward.

If you’d like to join in click here to see a full list of the opportunities available now

Mark Robinson-Field
Member Participation Product Lead

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  1. Hi Barry. This is great to hear and thanks for sharing your kind words 🙌 I will pass this on to store management 💙 Thanks. ^Jamie

  2. Have just had a visit to my local coop (Pickering) and was overwhelmed by the service they were so friendly and helpful nothing was a problem. I go once a week but this week i needed some assistance and they could not be more helpful.

  3. Some years ago we had an arrangement with the RSPCA that our Turkeys and other fowl sold in our stores particularly at Christmas where ethically and humanely sourced . It would be good to have something that reflects this approach by members and our Co-operative society once again. This will emphasis our commitment to the best humane treatment of Animals especially in the light of the recent new legislation on improved animal rights and animal care.

    • Hi Tom. Animal welfare is a priority to us and important to the way we run our business. It’s the Co-op way to look after the animals in our care, within a transparent and monitored supply chain. ^SB

  4. Hello Phileech, sorry to hear you’re having issues with your local store. If you contact the Customer Care team on customer.careline@coop.co.uk they can look into this for you. ^Catherine


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