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We’re absolutely convinced that we deliver better products and services when we work with members to create them. In the past year, we’ve been giving members the chance to help shape things at their Co-op. Everything from designing products like our Members’ Choice Pioneer Pinot Grigio, to helping us understand more about their communities, favourite local products and even pizza toppings.


So with a full year of Join In under our belt, we thought it was about time that we asked some of the 32,000 members who have already joined in to tell us exactly what they think about the opportunities that they’ve had to influence things at their Co-op.

Here’s what we learned

  • Members love having the chance to shape things at their Co-op – 90% feel that their ability to have a say really enhances their Co-op membership
  • Members say they are most likely to get involved by completing online surveys or attending local events. Face to face and telephone conversations were less popular, although one in 3 members said they’d still be up for them
  • When it comes to the type of activity members are keen to join in with, it’s product testing and product development that really floats members’ boats. But generating new ideas for the Co-op and shaping policies and strategy also garnered strong support
  • The vast majority of members (79%) want us to report back to them on what we heard and what we’re going to do about it, so we’ll keep doing this through our blog
  • Most members were up for the idea of engaging with their Co-op in different ways, such as via an ideas board or online members community.

What we’re doing about it

It was so encouraging to hear from members that they value opportunities for everyday participation in their Co-op, which throughout 2018 we’ve largely promoted through Join In.

The quality of input from members through all the 100+ Join In opportunities has been phenomenal, and has influenced the development of products and services, strategy and marketing. In fact, our Members’ Choice Pioneer Pinot Grigio (named, tasted and designed by members) has been really successful, something that we’re putting down to the ‘member factor’.

Members are keen for us to create new ways for them to get involved in Co-op stuff, so in the next few weeks we’ll be doing some discovery work to understand more about what they want to see and how we can meet their needs. We’re also going to be working hard to ensure that we’re making the most of our social media channels and emails – something members flagged.

Members said they’d like to be informed of new opportunities to participate through regular emails, so we’re responding with new monthly updates. Keep an eye out for many more great chances to shape your Co-op – landing in an inbox near you soon or log in online here.

James Oliver
Member Voice Planning and Evaluation Manager

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  1. Hi William, thanks for your comment, we’re the Co-op Group, separate from The Co-operative Bank. Thanks, ^SB

  2. Our Coop in out town closed. We were then incoureged to change our Brittania Building Society account to a Coop bank account. Most peopl did. Then they closed the bank. The nearest branch is five miles away. What have they done. Closed that too. Do they respect their customers. NO THEY DONT!

  3. I think it is a shame you just do not deliver the actual Co-op we are supposed to be having in the village in which I live. The building is still sitting empty and work has not even yet started on it, despite rumours it is supposed to open in February!


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