February 12, 2018

Get your Fairtrade pack

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Our Co-op has been a passionate supporter of Fairtrade for over 20 years.

Did you know?

  • we’re the UK’s largest convenience retailer of Fairtrade

  • we sell more Fairtrade wine than any other retailer in the world

We know that many of you share our passion for Fairtrade and will be doing your bit to tell others in your community, whether it’s during Fairtrade Fortnight (26 February to 11 March) or beyond.

Co-op Members Join In

If you’re a Co-op Member hosting or taking part in a Fairtrade event in February or March 2018, make sure you get hold of our free Co-op Fairtrade resource pack. The pack includes:

  • a fact-filled Fairtrade booklet
  • Fairtrade stickers, coaster and bunting
  • a Fairtrade quiz
  • How to set up a successful Fairtrade Coffee Morning guide
  • a poster to help promote your event
  • A £5 Co-op Food voucher* to buy Co-op Fairtrade products. Find your local Co-op

*excludes alcohol – please see voucher for full terms and conditions

➡ Visit the Join In section of your Co-op Membership online account to join in.

More opportunities to share Fairtrade

If you’re not a Co-op Member (become a Co-op Member today) you can still download free Co-op Fairtrade resources, including a printable:

Find more at coop.co.uk

This Fairtrade Fortnight I will be using the Co-op Fairtrade pack to host a coffee morning in my local community, with tasty Fairtrade products to sample and a raffle. All the proceeds will be shared with our local church and a church project in a Fairtrade community in Kenya.

If you would like the support of the Co-op to host your own Fairtrade coffee morning please contact your local Co-op Member Pioneer. If you’d like to Join In click here to see a full list of opportunities.

Click here to find your local Member Pioneer.

Aileen Lucas
Member Pioneer

Read more about Fairtrade at our Co-op;

Join the conversation! 13 Comments

  1. Could I please have a pack. Thank you x

  2. Hi Laura. The final date for joining in is February 28 as shown on the website, after which the packs will be sent out I believe. Sorry for the delay in reaching you. May I suggest popping into your local Co-op and speaking with the manager, perhaps they can help you out. ^Ian

  3. I am hosting a Fairtrade Day at school this coming week and I haven’t received my pack in the post despite ordering it early this week. Are they not being sent out until the start of Fairtrade Fortnight? That might be too late for some people.

  4. Hi Lorrain 🙂 Just click on the link in the blog post 🙂 ^Ian

  5. Could you please send me a Fairtrade pack

  6. Please could you send me a fairytale pack😃

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  8. Surely we should be as passionate about reducing the amount of plastic being used; seeing all the damage it is causing. I am worried when I see in our delivery 1 item in a massive bag.. ie a box of Blue Ecig liquid in a 4ft X 4ft plastic sealed bag.?


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