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I’m very pleased to announce that all the bananas, tea and coffee used as ingredients in Co-op products will now benefit Fairtrade producers and their communities.

Our Bananas, Co-op tea bags and our instant and ground coffee were already Fairtrade, but now if we use them as an ingredient in another product, we’ll make sure they’re benefitting Fairtrade producers and their communities too. Since we announced all cocoa used in Co-op products would be Fairtrade back in February last year the amount of Fairtrade cocoa we buy has increased by 500%, so today’s announcement represents a radical step forward for Fairtrade farmers and producers.

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This also means more Co-op Members and shoppers can choose Co-op Fairtrade when in our stores, supporting communities locally in the UK through our Local Community Fund and around the world through Fairtrade.

We’re building on success too, with Fairtrade sales in Co-op stores up 14% in 2017 and 20% in 2016. Both figures are more than double the average market growth for Fairtrade in the UK.

Why our Co-op is backing Fairtrade

We know the Fairtrade mark isn’t the only ethical certification scheme out there. But, we also know that the more fairly traded certification schemes there are, the more confusing it is to shop ethically.

We’ve published the Co-op Fairtrade Shopper Report which looks at how shoppers choose to shop ethically and how they identify ethical products. You can read all the results in the report, but some of the key findings include:

  • 73% of shoppers say they completely or mostly understand Fairtrade*
  • the average Fairtrade shopper has been buying Fairtrade for more than five years
  • 87% would not trust companies’ own ethical schemes if they lacked independent auditing and verification
  • 33% of those not buying Fairtrade would do so, if they were more aware of the benefits

The most important reason Co-op backs Fairtrade though, is farmers and producers continue to tell us that Fairtrade is the most effective certification for them. Fairtrade is the only certification scheme to empower farmers and producers to make decisions for themselves about how to invest in their communities.

Find out more about Fairtrade from Brad, our Fairtrade Strategy Manager.

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Fairtrade supports communities around the world

Having spent many years working in fair trade for Traidcraft and seeing first-hand the benefits fair trading brings to farmers and their communities around the world, I’m very proud that our Co-op has championed the Fairtrade mark since its inception.

The benefits to farmers and producers come not just from receiving a better price and a premium to spend on community projects, but from developing a long-term relationship with Co-op, the sharing of skills and insights and the security of a trading partnership.

Paul Chandler
Member Nominated Director

Read more about Fairtrade at our Co-op;

Co-op research of 2,033 respondents, conducted in December 2017
* Where consumers recognsie the Fairtrade Mark and would be able to explain the meaning behind it, how it differs from non-Fairtrade products, and how the purchase of a Fairtrade product helps others

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  2. I used to think that Fairtrade produce wasn’t the best and was also more costly and so didn’t buy it. After starting work for Co-op Funeralcare I started buying more Co-op produce and tried the Fairtrade range. I now look for Fairtrade produce and can honestly say it is very good value. Fairtrade Chardonnay is the best around – my Friday night treat. Keep it up as knowing that we are helping others is a great incentive to keep on trying new products

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  5. Fully support your stand on Fairtrade, puts other supermarkets to shame.

  6. The manufacturer is committed to producing quality products.

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