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All Co-op branded cosmetics and household products, including cosmetics, toiletries and household cleaning products, are cruelty free.

Campaigning for cruelty free

Co-op branded household products have carried Cruelty Free International’s leaping bunny label since 2004, when we became the first major UK grocer to gain the certification across all cosmetics, toiletries and household cleaning products.

Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny Label

However, we first campaigned for cruelty-free products in 1990 when we lobbied parliament for better labelling on animal testing of products so that shoppers could make an informed choice about what to buy.


Help end animal testing for cosmetics worldwide

13 years on from us, the EU banned testing on animals in cosmetics.

To commemorate 5 years since the EU ban, Cruelty Free International are petitioning the United Nations to adopt an international convention to end animal testing for cosmetics everywhere, forever.

You can add your support to the petition at Cruelty Free International’s website

Which Co-op products are cruelty free?

All Co-op branded cosmetics, toiletries and household cleaning products are cruelty free. Cruelty Free International specifically categorise these products as:

  • Cosmetics and personal care
  • Nail polish remover and nail care
  • General personal care (inc. sanitary products)
  • Bath and shower
  • Body care and deodorant
  • Facial skincare and lip care
  • Haircare and grooming
  • Medicated shampoo
  • Soap
  • Shaving and depilatory
  • Dental care
  • Baby and child care
  • Household (inc. bleach, descaler)
  • Washing up liquid and dishwasher products
  • Disinfectant products
  • Floor cleaner and furniture polish
  • Multi-purpose cleaner and window cleaner
  • Home fragrance and air care
  • Laundry detergent
  • Oven cleaner
  • Drain unblocker
  • Toilet products

Cathryn Higgs
Head of Food Policy

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  1. What is the point of these excellent cruelty free toiletries when thay are not available in any Co-op I have been in to search for them.
    Such a foolish decision not to prioritise these and other own brands. I used to do my entire weekly shop in the Co-op, relying on the good products I knew I could find. Now I hardly ever go there.


  2. I love the Co-op’s own brand toothpaste but haven’t been able to find it in any Co-op shop up and down the country. Any idea how I can get some Co-op own brand toothpaste?

    Thank you!


  3. Hi, please can you tell me if your own brand toilet paper is cruelty free. thank you


  4. […] of Co-op’s own brand household products are both free of animal ingredients and are cruelty free. Marks and […]


  5. Thank you for providing such a great range of Leaping Bunny labelled products. I always look for the symbol when buying and encourage friends and colleagues to do the same. My local Coop is only a small store which has recently expanding and while it is great that it has the household Coop labelled products it doesn’t stock the toiletry items, but I guess there is not room for everything. I find the household products are great and work better than the more expensive brands I have tried. Thanks once again


  6. I wish more businesses would follow your good example! well done Co-op.


  7. Hi Susan. Appreciate your support. Have you mentioned this the store manager in your store? Our 2500+ stores are all different shapes and sizes so stock isn’t always the same and/or products may be in different places. ^Ian


    • I purchase(used to) all my cruelty free products from the co-op. Like Susan my local Co-op has slowly reduced the number of household ‘own brand’ products such as toothpaste, deoderant, shower creme…. When I spoke to the store manager I was told it was not their decision what to stock and that the decision was made by Head Office. I looked on line to see what other co-op stores were nearby that may be larger and hence have a wider range of goods.Unlike lots of other companies there are no pictures of your stores on line, just their location. I then contacted your helpline to find out where I could purchase these products – I was told that, according to the records, my local store stocked these products. I told him that my store no longer stocked them. He then suggested a larger store in a nearby town which I advised had closed down almost 12 months ago!!!! He admitted that his records had not been updated for a number of years! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Shame the coop cannot take the same stand about halal cruelty.


  9. have been aware of this fact for years and always encourage friends and family to shop for the relevant items at their local Co-op branches, however most don’t seem to stock, even 50% of, their own Cruelty Free items, rather other Branded ware that is NOT Cruelty Free, surely every branch should stock a much larger selection of their own make goods as Branded items are obtainable in just about every supermarket, usually cheaper, the Co-op should use their Cruelty Free range as a marketing tool so that more of the general public become aware of their good work and the importance of being animal friendly


    • Like Susan I always encourage friends and family to shop in the Co-op specifically because of our cruelty free products and this ethical stance was one of the reasons I wanted to join. I agree with your comments Susan, we should market our own brand first. It is a shame it is harder to find cruelty free in our smaller branches. I hope other retailers continue to follow our example.


  10. It is really is excellent work by management , staff and members of the Co-op in putting the Co-operative at the forefront of the campaign against Animal cruelty and all our long list of products are certified Cruelty Free. Also again great to note that the Co-op was the first to lead the way almost 30 years ago. However the campaign goes on so please sign the Cruelty Free International petition.
    I have recently joined my local Dartford Branch of the RSPCA and will be passing this information on the good work of the Co-op to my colleagues there .



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