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Our exclusive Covanegra Monastrell wine is flaunting a brand new look, thanks to Co-op Members joining in #TheCoopWay

Co-op Members share their thoughts on a new-look Covanegra wine

Members joined in to provide feedback and their preferences on the labels of two wines in our Spanish range. Nearly two-thirds of members preferred the label of the Anciano Monastrell wine, so we set to work with our supplier to address some of the things that members didn’t like about the Covanegra label.

We also asked members to tell us what they thought of the wire netting on our Covanegra. Netting has been used on traditional Spanish wines since the 19th century as a way of protecting the wine of bodegas from counterfeit wines. Over time the netting has become associated with quality.

However, the majority of members found the netting unnecessary, unsustainable, annoying or befuddling, so we’ve decided to remove it.

Designing a new wine label

Charles, our supplier, found our Co-op Members’ feedback very useful as it had provided the cues that gave the designers a solid baseline to work from. Whilst there were inevitably contradictory opinions amongst members, a significant number said the Covanegra label was too cluttered and a little tacky. Members also disliked the font.

The design team worked on a new label which, in Charles’ words, is “more modern and fresher, than we first had considered. The new label is decluttered whilst keeping the classic cues of a good Spanish wine.”

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Our all-new Covanegra Monastrell wine should be in-store near you soon, sporting its member-inspired label.

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Sarah Benson
Wine team

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  1. […] Co-op Members shaped our exclusive Covanegra Wine label […]

  2. […] Say ‘hola’ to our new member-inspired exclusive Covanegra wine label […]

  3. […] Say ‘hola’ to our new member-inspired exclusive Covanegra wine label […]

  4. What is the Covanegra wine like please, the price and is it stocked at the Rochdale Road store in Royton, Oldham?

    Mahy thanks

  5. Great!!! Wine, insurance all these new things ….. any chance of getting more people on checkouts …. 18 people in queue the other day only 2 on tills …. about 5 of us tailenders went to Asda …. so it’s ok having new things but people will not queue up for 30 mins …. so get more people on checkouts or you’ll lose even more business,,,,,

  6. The age of Tempranillo wine is a consideration when purchasing
    The delicious Anciano wine is usually over 5 years old.

  7. […] Say ‘hola’ to our new member-inspired exclusive Covanegra wine label […]


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