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All-new Co-op travel insurance is now available, after a year in the making with Co-op Members.

The team and I were keen that the needs and wishes of members were reflected in any new insurance product we developed. So, we got members involved from the very beginning.

We asked members to share their experiences of buying and claiming on travel insurance policies.We were particularly interested in hearing the views of members who might have specific needs when it came to taking out holiday insurance, such as health conditions or insurance for their children during gap-years.

Next, we invited members to a workshop in Manchester. Watch as Co-op Colleague Member Diane and Co-op Member Anne share how they joined in #TheCoopWay to help shape Co-op travel insurance:

What members had to say about travel insurance

Members like Diane and Anne joined in to share with us their thoughts about travel insurance. We received some incredibly valuable insights, many of which we’ve turned into real, practical policy provisions in our new travel insurance product, such as:

  • 90% of members travel abroad at least 2 times a year
  • 50% of members have medical conditions they had to declare when taking out insurance
  • Many members had struggled to get the cover they needed, with age and pre-existing medical conditions often presenting difficulties
  • Some felt unfairly penalised because of illnesses that had not re-occurred or were being well managed by medication.
  • Some members had given up on insuring anything other than their belongings, as the cost of doing otherwise was simply prohibitive

Co-op travel insurance, shaped by Co-op Members

As a result of what we heard from members, we’ve developed what I think is a trailblazing travel insurance product, that’s inclusive of all ages and medical conditions. We’re also the first general insurer to pay medical expenses up front* to ensure that members aren’t left having to pay for medical expenses out of their own pockets whilst on holiday.

Many members told us about the difficulties they’d had describing their medical conditions or symptoms to doctors overseas, so we’ve included, as a standard feature of the policy, 24/7 online access to a UK-registered doctor whilst and prior to being away, amongst many other key medical provisions.

It’s hard to overstate just how influential the input of members has been in the development of our new travel insurance. Together, we’ve co-created what I believe is a unique travel insurance product and I’m proud that it’s the second new Co-op product to carry the badge ‘Shaped by Co-op members’.

If you’d like to get more involved in your Co-op, head over to your online Membership account to Join In.

Colin Butler
Head of Travel Insurance

*available in selected destinations. Important limitations, restrictions and excess apply; visit coop.co.uk/travelinsurance for information

Read more about how Co-op Members shape our Co-op;

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  2. […] All-new Co-op Travel Insurance, shaped by Co-op Members […]

  3. […] All-new Co-op Travel Insurance, shaped by Co-op Members […]


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