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I’ve been a member for over ten years now. I love being part of a business that’s at the heart of communities and gets involved in big social campaigns, like tackling loneliness and modern slavery. Loneliness affects lots of different people, that’s why I’m supporting the Co-op Foundation with my 1%.

As members, we also have a say in how the business is run – one of the ways we can get involved is by suggesting locations for new stores. That’s just what I did and last week I got to go see my suggested shop in York open its doors to the community.

I got £500 worth of Co-op Food vouchers as a thank you and I’ll be spending them on lots of delicious food. Suggesting my location was really easy – I just had to provide some information about myself and the site – and that was it.  I’d definitely recommend giving it a go, you never know what will come of it.

My five top tips for suggesting a new Co-op location

If I’ve inspired you to get out there and find a location for a new Co-op, here are some things to think about:

  1. is the location in a residential area with lots of houses nearby, or on a busy road with lots of people walking past? Locations close to universities, offices and transport hubs like busy train stations also work well
  2. can you see the site clearly from the main road?
  3. the location needs to be big enough for a shop and a few parking spaces
  4. areas without good convenience stores make great locations for new Co-ops
  5. try and choose a building that’s for sale or to let. Unless you know the owner is looking to move on, existing businesses are unlikely to work

Rakesh Aggarwal
Co-op Member, York

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  1. The old Post office site in Aberdeen Walk Scarborough would suit a small convenience store – the old newspaper building adjacent could be combined. It is by bus stops although parking not good but there are 2 public car parks nearby.

  2. Your store in Mold North Wales just closed, your new shop should be in the B and M store on the high street as it is moving into the Homebase store when that closes. There is parking at the back and front, the bus station is around the corner and there is a twice weekly market in the high street every week. There are also lots of offices around.

  3. I have a great idea you can invest in Mozambique, Maputo…I know a great place there and the coop can expand…Is good for the Coop and Great Britain to be all over the world. … In Mozambique you can provide a quality service and products for Europeans, Americans, etc…

  4. Our local Co-op in Glossop is closing with just a month’s notice in August. There were some problems with the building they’ve been in for years – leaking roof, electrical outages etc. However it is in a prime position close to the railway station, in the centre of town, with a car park (free parking for an hour) post office, chemist and cafe in the same building. The nearest Co-op now will be in Simmondley about a half hour to 40 minute walk. Unfortunately I think this will mean that I’ll be shopping elsewhere from August. I love the ethics, community, commitment to British meat and all the things the co-op stands for. Why not find a smaller building in Glossop to maintain the Co-op presence? The current building will now be used for a B & M store, what a shame.

  5. Ideally in an area with very few if any shops and ensure that a wide range of basics are priced in a way to help those with very limited income. Another way for the Coop to make a real difference

  6. You might consider a site in Rosewell village , near Edinburgh. It is served at the moment by a community shop (I think) but a lot of new houses have been built and the village is reviving.

    There are derelict farm buildings near the centre of the village which would be possible.
    Well done
    Michael Meighan

  7. Hi Rakesh – thank you for your support and shout-out for the Coop Foundation! We love hearing from Members who’ve chosen to give their 1% to our youth loneliness project. Great to hear about the store opening too… more happy customers, involved members and more support for our communities 🙂

  8. The Co-op have already aquired a building where I live in Mullion Cornwall, but have yet to convert it for which to suit their needs, and it was originally supposed to have opened this February I believe. The building has been in their possession since September last year. Perhaps they should concentrate on buildings they already have before seeking more.


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