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Today we’ve announced our annual results for 2017 and I want to say thank you to our 4.6 million Co-op Members.

It’s you that own our Co-op and our success is only possible because you continue to choose the Co-op as a better way of doing business. You can see from the numbers below that our businesses are doing well and that means we’re doing even more for you, more for the places you live and more for the causes and campaigns you care about.

Expanding our Co-op Academies

It’s because our businesses are doing well we’re able to announce a huge expansion of our Co-op Academies.

Our Co-op Academies Trust is a good example of how we work in the community. We’re already the largest corporate supporter of academy schools in England with 12 schools in the Manchester, Leeds and Stoke-on-Trent areas.

We choose to focus this work in some of the most economically disadvantaged areas in the north of England because of the well reported educational divide between the north and south of the country.

Our Co-op Academies Trust has shown that co-operative values and principles, strong governance and the ability to share the resources of the Co-op can have a dramatic impact on students’ results, which has been recognised by Ofsted and the Department of Education.

In 2010, as the former Plant Hill High School, the Co-operative Academy Manchester (CAM), had the distinction of being the worst performing school in the country for truancy. Students were 10 times more likely to be absent than the national average. Today it’s one of the best performing schools in Manchester with an attendance record of more than 97% and a pro-active approach to student attendance held up as a prime example of best practice.

The academy is also credited with playing a wider role in supporting the regeneration of the Upper Blackley area of North Manchester.

So over the next four years, we’re going to expand our Co-op Academies schools from 12 to 40 through an investment of £3.6m. By 2021 we’ll be helping around 40,000 pupils to get a better start in life.

This is just one example of what it means to be a member of the Co-op in the UK.

Over the coming years, we plan to make your Co-op even stronger so we can do more for you and more for your communities.

Thank you for being a Co-op Member.

Steve Murrells
Co-op Group CEO

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  3. Education Kat is a devolved responsibility, i.e. the other “home countries” do their own thing. They never went down the privatisation route for education. Academies in Scotland by the way are not the same as the newly created one in England. There are actually hundreds of Co-op Academies/trusts already but no central list. Good to see the Group wishing to speed up its involvement. Perhaps pro rata investments can be spent in Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland on innovative educational schemes. The interdenominational schools in Ulster for example?

  4. Hi Kat, we’ve just made this commitment, more details will be available in the future. ^Scott

  5. This sounds like a lovely idea for English kids! Will any of the new schools be in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland?


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