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Our Co-op is special. We’re not owned by shareholders, we’re owned by nearly 5 million members. Everybody who has one of our little blue cards is a co-owner, with a say in how our business is run.

Our members elect representatives to the National Members’ Council to ensure their voice and interests are heard at the highest levels in our business. As a Council, we meet at least 6 times a year, to discuss our Co-op’s progress and raise questions, praise and concerns from members from across the country to business leaders.

Our latest meeting was held on Saturday 7 April in Manchester and here’s what was discussed.

(Transcript) Adrienne Lowe: My name is Adrienne Lowe and I’m a member of the National Members’ Council.

Sam Hale: I’m Sam Hale and I’m a member the National Members’ Council, we’ve been meeting today here in Manchester.

Adrienne Lowe: Today we’ve been meeting to discuss a whole range of things from talking to the Board about current issues, discussing what’s going to be happening in the future in terms of member participation, looking at motions for the AGM.

Sam Hale: The main part of today’s meeting was the Annual Results. So we heard from Allan Leighton, the Chairman and the Board and also Ian Ellis, who’s our Chief Finance Officer, looking at the individual performance of each business and we had a little bit of insight in the future direction of the businesses.

Adrienne Lowe: The two key AGM motions that that I focused in on today were firstly on responsible advertising and secondly on recycling plastics and the environmental issues. Very topical at the moment and it’s looking at where we can reduce plastics at source and where we have to use them, how we can use recycled plastics or recycle the plastics that we’re using. So that particular motion holds a lot of resonance with myself.

Sam Hale: Part of today’s meeting was listening to the Member Participation team. One of the most interesting things they’ve been up to is getting members involved in the development of a new product and this product was travel insurance. We heard from a couple of members, how they’d been engaged right from day one and it was great to see that product develop, just from it early ideas from our members. It’s a great product and you can tell that it’s had members involved right from day one because it’s Co-op through and through.

Adrienne Lowe and Sam Hale
Members of the National Members Council

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  3. Hi Roger, I’m sorry you feel that way, we have lots of member join in opportunities like recycling #TheCoopWay This was something our members felt strongly about, you can see more here https://coop.uk/2KjF42m Thanks, ^Scott

  4. Sadly after many years engagement with The Co-operative Group I have given up as there has only been one member event in Worcester since the abandonment of Area Committees.
    I recently attended the AGM of Midcounties at Droitwich; it was local, welcoming and members were genuinely involved in the running of the business.
    Co-op Group try to listen to Members!!!

  5. It is so important to our rank and file members that they have a genuine voice and say in how their Co-operative Society business is run.
    I am so pleased to see that our elected representatives are still working hard in putting forward important motions for discussion and action at our AGM . Adrienne , Sam and all please keep up the good work.

  6. Great to see #CoopNMC being highlighted on the blog! Very proud to a part of the Council.

  7. So how come it’s almost impossible to find a link to send messages? and if you do why is the reply TOTALLY unrelated to the message?


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