Join in #TheCoopWay completed shopping habits survey opportunity

25,000 Co-op Members joined in to tell us all about how they shop, as we set out to make our stores even more shipshape for their shopping. This is our most subscribed Join In opportunity to date.

Armed with this brand new wealth of information about our members’ shopping habits, we’re now in the best place to make future decisions about our products, ranges, store layout, communications and more, to make them much better geared towards the needs of our members.

How our Co-op Members shop Co-op

More members than ever before joined in to help shape our in-store offer, here are some of the key insights we found:

    • our members are keen grocery shoppers, with 60% saying they shop for food at least 3 times every week
    • what’s really important to one member about grocery shopping could be completely the opposite to another
    • some of the things we heard from members directly challenged our previously held assumptions about their shopping habits
Collier's Road Co-op Food store in Romford, Essex

Collier’s Road store in Romford, Essex

How we’re shaping our in-store offer, thanks to our members

We’ve pulled this research together with other insights we have and are now starting to share what we’ve learned with the teams who look after all elements of the customer offer and shopping experience.

From now on, this new understanding of shopping habits will be a fundamental starting point in how we design everything from new products to the layout of the store. Initially, this means trying to make the shopping experience easier for members.So for some, that means how we make it as easy as possible to nip in and out as quickly as possible, and for others that means giving you room to browse and look for inspiration about what to cook for dinner tonight.

Many congratulations to Pearl from Romford, who took part in our shopping survey and was picked out of our prize draw hat to receive a brand new iPad. Pearl shops in our Colliers Road’s Co-op most days, she knows all the staff and is giving the iPad to her husband (apparently, in a bid to drag him into the 21st century.)

There are always opportunities for Co-op Members to get involved in shaping our Co-op. Join In #TheCoopWay on your online Membership account.

Rob Shorter
Market Insight Manager

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