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We’ve always been a retailer of firsts and I can proudly say that our Co-op is the largest retailer of Fairtrade wine and now, we can announce that we’re switching more of our Co-op South African wines to Fairtrade terms from May 2018.

This switch is one of the UK’s largest-ever Fairtrade wine deals and will mean another 2.5 million* litres of Fairtrade wine will be sold in the next year. This switch will give hundreds of vineyard workers in South Africa improved rights and farmers will get a guaranteed minimum price for their grapes.

Some of our new Co-op Fairtrade South African wines

co-op SA FT wines

Funding much-needed buses, thanks to Fairtrade

We’re really excited to be part of establishing Fairtrade projects in the region from the start. Projects like funding two buses, which will help workers and their families get to and from Doctors and schools.

The community will fund these buses from the Fairtrade premium, generated by Co-op Members and shoppers choosing Co-op Fairtrade. If you’re a Co-op member too, you’ll also be helping your own community though the 5+1, not bad for just buying a bottle of Fairtrade wine.

*Based on 2016 figures, 12M litres sold in the UK. Source: Fairtrade Foundation

Edward Robinson
Wine Buyer

Read more about Fairtrade at our Co-op;

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  1. Thank you Nicole. Your honest insight is very well stated. I have to live with chronic pain too, and I have found I have to fight off self-pity with a giant slayer sized truth sword. I appreciate how much you’ve learned from your pain, sharing those treasures with us, and hope chronic will not remain your companion now that you’ve become sensitive to your humanity.

  2. The impact of wine has been seen around the world over many years and with Fair Trade certification on the market helping consumers and retailers to understand the importance of buying fair trade products there is no doubt that this will only continue to grow. Consumers can support Fair Trade by choosing to buy a bottle of wine that has gone through a Fairtrade process, this helps to ensure that you are supporting a process which helps communities improve their standard of living. If you would like to find out more about Fair Trading, go online or visit your local supermarket but if you’re looking for something different why not try Fair Trade wines? For more visit https://bypurify.com/vacuum-cleaners/

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  7. Excellent news! Good old co-op!

  8. Well done.


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