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Michelle Benton, Store Manager at Priorswood Place’s Co-op in Taunton wins the Co-op Magic award for 2018. Michelle was one of more than 900 colleagues, to be nominated by Co-op Members joining in #TheCoopWay.

Co-op Magic award nomination

Michelle has devoted 17 years to Co-op and her community. She’s also a Member Pioneer for Taunton and has raised money for her local youth club and school.

She was nominated for the Co-op Magic award by Co-op Member, Kym, for her sterling efforts in the local community and in particular, one event Kym shared in her nomination:

Photo of Kym Collins, Co-op Member and Michelle Benton, Co-op Magic Award winner

Kym Collins, Co-op Member and Michelle Benton, Co-op Magic Award winner

“There’s a local 89-year old man called Ivor who’s a regular customer at the Co-op. He had this push bike, which had no tyres on it.
Michelle first raised money and bought him a new bike, but one day he fell off it outside. It was then that Michelle took it upon herself to do everything she could to buy him a mobility scooter.”
Kym Collins, Co-op Member

To help source a scooter for Ivor, Michelle asked for help from colleagues on Facebook. She received a response from a colleague in Dulverton, who offered a mobility scooter at a cheaper price.

Now, Ivor has a new lease of life. The mobility scooter means he can get out and buy the things he needs to care for his 93-year old wife.

“When we went and gave Ivor his scooter, he cried. There wasn’t a dry eye. His wife turned to me and said: ‘You’ve restored our faith in humanity’”
Michelle Benton, Co-op Magic Award winner

Thank you to Members for joining in the #BeingCoop Awards

Kym was one of hundreds of members who joined in #TheCoopWay to tell us how Co-op colleagues go above and beyond for their communities, as we launched our first ever Thank you for #BeingCoop Awards. We were overwhelmed, receiving almost 1,000 nominations in total. Every colleague nominated by Co-op Members received a certificate of recognition.
I’d like to thank Michelle for #BeingCoop and for her acts of kindness, to our 1,000 other nominated colleagues and to Kym and Co-op Members who joined in #TheCoopWay.

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Helen Webb
Chief People Officer

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  1. Brilliant idea!
    helping people in your community is selfless ,rewarding and extremely important .
    well done everyone.


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