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Growing up in a Co-op Environment

I wanted to become a Member Pioneer because I was brought up in a Co-op environment. My parents were Co-op Members and took an active role in the local democracy – we depended on the Co-op.

Sharing Fairtrade #TheCoopWay

A key role as a Member Pioneer is to act as a connector, see opportunities and join things up. That’s why I take every opportunity to talk to groups of people and help educate and inform them.

One person I had the chance of meeting was Carwyn Jones, Wales’ First Minister. We met at a Fairtrade event during Fairtrade Fortnight and I was surprised at how many people and organisations weren’t aware of Co-op’s commitment to Fairtrade.

To help spread this message I supported a wide range of events during Fairtrade Fortnight from a pub quiz to Fairtrade fairs to meet and connect with new people.
Creating a social media presence

One of the ways I connect with people and support the local community is through social media. I have established a presence on Twitter in particular which enables me to find out what is happening in the local area and then support them by promoting their activities and events to a wider audience.

This approach really helped our local summer fair in Earley. It’s a great family event so we wanted to make it available to the wider communities to help it grow and become more sustainable.

Connecting all parts of our Co-op

To support your community as a Member Pioneer, it’s important to understand what the rest of the Co-op business is planning. To do this, Cardiff’s regional manager arranges a meeting every two months for all Co-op businesses including Food, Funeralcare and Insurance to share their plans and coordinate collaboratively. We’ve finished planning Fairtrade and now on to LGBT+ Pride.

If you’ve got ideas on how Co-op could help your community, or want to know what Co-op is doing near you then contact your local Co-op Member Pioneer.

Peter Cox
Member Pioneer, Cardiff (West)

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