Choose the toppings you want on the next Co-op Irresistible pizza

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Last year, Co-op Members joined in to create an award winning wine #TheCoopWay. Our Members’ Choice Pioneer Pinot Grigio was our first-ever member-designed product. It’s since sold over 75,000 bottles, far surpassing our expectations and re-affirming Co-op Members love great food and drink.

We want members to join in again and help create the next Co-op Irresistible pizza.

Our members’ best-ever pizza

We’ve heard from over 2,400 members who joined in last month to share with us where they tasted their best-ever pizza and it’s no surprise, Italy topped the charts.

“I had eaten down a back street off the Campo de’ Fiori in Rome. It was the thinnest, crispiest, tastiest ever pizza, topped with local produce including a handful of wild rocket”
Anji Carroll, Co-op Member from Sandbach

Another place mentioned was New York. We think this sounds too good to be true, so we’ve booked a trip to try it first-hand.

“Massive pizza, amazing thin base and simple but delicious toppings in the the original Grimaldi restaurant under the Brooklyn bridge in New York”
Steven Hewlitt, Co-op Member from Knebworth

Help create a member-designed pizza

We’re looking to Co-op Members to Join In #TheCoopWay and help us create a new Co-op Irresistible pizza. We’re looking for originality and a sprinkling of personality. We’ve chosen a Sourdough base and as with all our Co-op Irresistible pizzas the base will be stonebaked, like authentic Italian pizzas.

Join in now on your online Membership account to share with us your ultimate pizza recipe.

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How members will create our member-designed pizza

The taste test

A lucky few select members who’ve joined in will taste some of the pizzas in a taste-test, hosted in a Manchester restaurant.

The vote

Armed with our top three pizza recipes, we’ll put them to the vote. Members will be invited to vote via Join In on their online Membership account, and here on Co-op Blogs.

The winning recipe

Once we have our winning recipe, we’ll develop the new Co-op Irresistible pizza and it’ll be on the shelves in 2019.

So, what are you waiting for? Join in #TheCoopWay

Breige Donaghy
Director of Delicious Food

Read more about how members join in #TheCoopWay at our Co-op;

Join the conversation! 7 Comments

  1. I missed the boat, but: Goats cheese, king prawn, red pepper, garlic, chilies and rocket !!

  2. Tuna pizza with BBQ base or any vegetarian pizza with BBQ base.

  3. I would be so excited to see a gluten free base and a topping that does not include cheese as I am lactose intollerant or at least a topping with lactose free or vegan cheese.

  4. I would like to see a vegan option preferably not overly processed or over priced. My local coop (Treorchy) had Goodfellas vegan pizza in but it seems they are no longer stocking them. They were tasty- without processed alternative cheese but more expensive than their non vegan flavours.

  5. As a Coeliac I would like to know when will the Co-op be introducing a gluten free option on pizza? .
    They have fresh and frozen own brand GF pizzas at Asda, Tesco, Morrisions and Sainsburys.
    My local Co-op offers one brand of frozen pizza that is not competitively priced.
    Feel we are way behind other supermarkets with our offer in this area as well as other GF frozen ranges.


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