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Over 1,000 Co-op Members joined in #TheCoopWay to share their views on what makes a good neighbour and have shaped the way we approach the upcoming Co-op Insurance Neighbour of the Year Awards, in partnership with Neighbourhood Watch.

What makes a good neighbour?

We asked Co-op Members to create the perfect criteria, to help us judge what makes a good neighbour. Every entry into our Co-op Insurance Neighbour of the Year Awards will be judged against this criteria.

Whilst sadly we couldn’t include Tom Hardy and Kylie Minogue in the criteria (as suggested by Co-op Members), we have chosen the best attributes that our members say describe what makes the best neighbour.

According to our members, a good neighbour is:

  • willing to look out for their neighbours, such as keeping an eye on the house
  • social and friendly – happy for a chat or a party invitation
  • willing to offer practical help – from taking in parcels to help with the plumbing
  • kind, caring & respectful, more specifically thinking about the impact you have on your neighbours.

Thank you for helping shape the Neighbour of the Year Awards

It’s great to see community spirit prevalent in so many communities across the UK. I am bowled over by the wonderful stories and insights shared by our members. We also heard:

  • 89% had “good neighbours”, whilst 95% thought they were “good neighbours”
  • 41% said they speak to their neighbours daily
  • around a quarter of members visit their neighbours’ homes at least once a week
  • almost one in three (29%) have never invited their neighbours over for a chat
  • good neighbours are regularly found taking in parcels, keeping an eye on the house and helping with rubbish bins

Do you have a neighbour who goes that extra mile for you and others in your community? If so, keep an eye on our join in opportunities for our upcoming Co-op Insurance and Neighbourhood Watch, Neighbour of the Year awards. 

Log in to your member account and to get involved in our current join in opportunities.

Co-op Members shape our Co-op by joining in #TheCoopWay

Caroline Hunter
Head of Home Insurance

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  1. Boring I’m afraid and the divi is poor H Lindop and the prices in your shops esp Milton Stoke on Trent are too high

  2. We have good neighbours one side, but the other side do not speak and this area of terraced houses in Northampton now has no sense of community due to many of the houses being being simply bought to let.

    • Unfortunately this seems to be a problem in lots of places these days because as soon as you find out who’s living in a house, their contract ends and they move away. It is especially hard in some of the older areas of towns and in London & other cities. Our neighbours continuously changed for several years, but now we have lovely people adjoining us and the other properties which were rented out are now being lived in again by their owners. This makes the area much more stable.


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