Co-op Membership has changed

Since the publication of this article Co-op membership has changed – we are giving even more back to your community. Every time you buy selected Co-op branded products and services money goes to you and your community too. Find out more about Co-op Membership or download the app now.

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DangerPoint is a safety centre for local kids, based in North Wales. Visitors explore a mock-town – much like a film set – filled with interactive activities designed to help children spot dangers in their homes and communities, whilst they learn essential life skills too.

As with Hazard Alley’s Co-op in Milton Keynes, we’ve just refitted the DangerPoint’s mock-up Co-op shop too.

Co-op Membership has changed

A local Co-op, with a difference

Inside DangerPoint’s Co-op, young people learn about the consequences of:

  • peer-pressure
  • bullying
  • shoplifting

Along with the benefits of budgeting and making healthy eating choices.

We’ve just given the store close to a £30,000 makeover, thanks to support from our contractor partners and 150 volunteering hours.

We’re delighted our Co-op has been able to support DangerPoint, afterall, investing to connect communities and make a difference to local life is at the heart of all that we do.

Local causes like DangerPoint need our support

Alongside another 3,999 local causes across the country, DangerPoint is a local cause in receipt of the Co-op Local Community Fund.

Worry about funding DangerPoint weighs heavily on the people running the centre every day, and they’re not alone. According to our recent research, 1 in 4 local causes fear for their survival.

But, thankfully Co-op Members can help build stronger local communities, just by swiping their Co-op Membership card. 1% of Co-op Members’ spend on Co-op branded products goes to support local causes in their community and Members in North Wales can choose DangerPoint as their local cause.

Have you chosen your local cause? If you’re not yet a Co-op Member, become one for £1 today.

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