Co-op Membership has changed

Since the publication of this article Co-op membership has changed – we are giving even more back to your community. Every time you buy selected Co-op branded products and services money goes to you and your community too. Find out more about Co-op Membership or download the app now.

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The National Coastwatch Institute (NCI) is an entirely voluntary organisation keeping a visual and listening watch along the UK coastline. The charity was formed in 1994 and now has over 50 stations, the station at Porthcawl South Wales opened in 2016.

How we’ve benefitted from Co-op’s Local Community Fund

Through Co-op’s Local Community fund and the support of Co-op Members, we’ve been able to raise £6,000. We were overwhelmed by the generosity and have since been able to invest in a new pair of high powered binoculars, so we’re able to keep people even safer.

The new binoculars are being used by our volunteers who are now able to see even further out to sea and along the coastlines, ensuring that we can quickly and accurately locate anyone getting into difficulties.

Our two local Co-op stores have been really supportive. They have been helping us to raise funds through the 1% and proactively promoting us to the local community. It’s been fantastic to partner with them to help our local community and we’re extremely grateful for everything they’ve done.

Co-op Membership has changed

Supporting a cause in your local community

It’s amazing that Co-op Members can give back to their local community easily by just swiping their membership card.

Currently, in Glamorgan, there is still around £145,000 waiting to be allocated to local causes like ours in the area. If you’re a Co-op Member now is the time to choose which local cause you wish to support by logging on to Co-op’s membership website.

Phil Styles
Station Manager of the National Coastwatch Institute (NCI) in Porthcawl

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