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This year’s Join In Live events have now finished. Thank you to everyone who attended.


We’re proud to launch our ‘Join in Live’ events this autumn from 24 September to 7 November.

The Co-op will be visiting 24 towns and cities across the UK so people can find out more about what the Co-op is doing in their local community, meet local causes being supported through our membership and discover how they benefit when members shop in store.

At each of the events you’ll be able to:

  • Tell us about your community
  • Hear about local causes you can support
  • Try our food
  • Meet our Members’ Council and Member Pioneers
  • Learn more about how we’re reducing plastic waste in our stores

We need your ideas to build our future

Being a Co-op is about our members and customers having a say in how we’re run and that’s why we really value your input. We want attendees to put forward ideas about how co-operation can help people in their community work well together. We’ll also share with you how the Co-op is performing as a business and find out about the exciting plans it has for the future.

You’ll also have the opportunity to meet local Members’ Council representatives and Member Pioneers who work in the community along with senior managers from the Co-op’s Food team.

We hope to see you there

This is a fantastic opportunity for Co-op members and shoppers to make a real difference in their Co-op and their community. My call out to Co-operators is come along if you can, but also bring a friend and show them how great the Co-op is at supporting the community.

Nick Crofts
President, National Members’ Council

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  1. This is becoming an embarrassment for the Coop. No tangible answers in response to the big questions. Suggest close the site or reply.

  2. My mail is dated 3/9 no answers!

  3. May I suggest you give/sell a pack of cotton net bags that could be used to put loose veg in so cutting out use of plastics.

  4. We have had rumours this past year of our Co-op in Church Village closing down. Could you please clarify ?

  5. Answer my email sent in July and improve our store in The Ridgeway, Plympton, Plymouth.

  6. Yes, once again Britain’s most neglected county (Cumbria) misses out on this join in live event, and many other events to, that only seem to go to big places. Those I could get to, such as Manchester, Preston, Warrington and even Wrexham at a push are all on inconvenient dates. There are more than enough co-op shops in Cumbria to warrant the county to be included in this Join live event this autumn.

    • Hello Anonymous, every year we work closely with our member pioneers and local community teams to select locations in each of our Council constituencies in the UK. Each year we look to move about the constituencies to reach more of our members. ^Catherine

  7. What about having a plastic recycling point outside your shops, pet bottles can be recycled 100% over and over… Signs in the shelves of said bottles to advertise and encourage the recycling mindset?


  8. I wholeheartedly agree with Debbie Sutton about selling fruit and vegetables loose to avoid waste and plastic packaging. May I also add a plea for beetroot to be sold raw in bunches as it is in most other supermarkets. At the moment the Coop only sells beetroot pickled in vinegar which is no use for making eg risotto or borscht, or as steamed beetroot which takes away all the flavour. I like cooking and would like to be able to bake my beetroot in foil which holds in the flavour and I can then use it in any way I wish.

  9. I would like to see all fruit and veg being sold loose (to avoid completely unnecessary packaging)

    This would also help people who only need small quantities of produce who end up paying for more than what they need (so there is often wastage too)

  10. Please inform the Forum the latest information relating to Fragrance. The use of chemicals in spray containers. Many products contain harmful Chemicals for eg Household cleaning products , air freshener even perfume. Spraying causes Chemical Drift with harmful results. It would be interesting to hear your policies on this matter.

  11. In recent times much has been said about the use of Chemicals in food production. Chemical Fertilisers, Weed Killer, Pesticides. Please could you tell the Forum , what the Coop are doing in providing safe Foodstuffs. As you are aware , food sustainability is less than 59% in the UK what is the Coop doing to protect this failing system. I our local Coop it is not easy to find Organics. Please infor the Forum your Philosophy

    Thank you


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