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Co-op Members are joining in every day to inspire, innovate and improve all sorts of Co-op products.

Over the past two years more than 110,000 members have got involved in over 170 opportunities to shape their Co-op, our policies and the products and services we provide.

Not only are they helping Co-op, but they’re also getting something out of it too – with over 90% of members saying that they think joining in really helps them get more from their membership.

By tapping into the knowledge and passion of our members we’re creating some fantastic products together – here’s just some of them.

Shaped by Co-op Members

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Pioneer Pinot Grigio

Members chose everything from the grape variety to the name. We’ve sold 118,000 bottles since launch and received a number of awards including Silver in the Global Pinot Grigio Masters.

Co-op Irresistible Gin

Members helped us by selecting the blend that that they wanted to go into production – 83,000 bottles have been sold since November and it’s proving so popular we’re about to roll it out to more of our stores.

Holiday insurance

Members helped us develop the product, choosing the features that they wanted to see. Thousands of policies have been sold since launch earlier this year and we’ve had great member feedback on the quality of the product.

Member beer

Members joined in to write the blurb that appears on the labels of our new beers. We’ve sold over one million pints since the beers launched last year.

Covanegra wine

Members helped us rethink the label design and the wine has now gone on to perform much better in stores, showing us members have a very keen eye for what they like to see on our shelves.

More to come

It’s great to see that you have enjoyed helping shape our products and services as there are more opportunities to come. Currently you can share your skills and knowledge with our insurance business or look out in October for the opportunity to vote on our next Irresistible Pizza.

We strongly believe that by helping members get involved in their Co-op we unlock value for them and for the business. If you’re a Co-op member, don’t miss out on the chance to shape your Co-op today, click below to Join In. .

Co-op Members shape our Co-op by joining in #TheCoopWay

Mark Robinson-Field
Member Participation Lead, Co-op Digital

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  1. Please, please, please make the pear and gorgonzola pizza as well as the other one. It is the pizza I always eat when I am in Italy and it is delicious. Loads of people I know love it!

  2. Please remove onions/garlic/leek from being additive favouring added into everything please, I’m highly allergic and go anaphylactic meaning I cannot buy any ready meals, pizzas, soups, sauces, pretty much everything has one for those 3 things, just look at your ingredient lists. This is plain silly as it isnt needed, or please create onion/garlic free ranges. There are a very lot of people allergic to this, and many do not even realise or know.

  3. Hi. I’d like to see venison available. Thanks

  4. I would like to see a wider range of gluten free meal products. You do lots of cake and bread but no freezer and fridge products. If it’s done right it won’t just be gf clients buying it. ..see M and S.

  5. Ditch unnecessary single use plastic…why does a cauliflower and celery have to come in a plastic bag? Why do broccoli heads and cucumbers have to be shrink wrapped? Why do you assume I’m incapable of picking 3 onions or 3 bulbs of garlic out of a box unless it’s wrapped in plastic netting? The list goes on…

    Good that easy peelers are sometimes available in a cardboard box, but come on….you can do better! And before 2023!!!

  6. Hello. The Co-op Midget Gems are the best around. I Am vegetarian so it’s nice that they are gelatin free (though says maybe gelatin in factory where produced). I have swapped wine gums for these lovely gems. I wonder if need slightly different packaging to highlight fruity flavour.

  7. I may be on the wrong blog area od Co-op but …..
    There are a lot of people who wear glasses 🤓, me included, and when I shower I take them off …. it’s then that I can’t read the tiny Shampoo and Conditioner words and have difficulty knowing which is which on similar looking bottles!
    I know you can put them on different shelves, spaces etc but not all the family put things back where they should be!
    Perhaps different coloured words in big letters so we can make out what what in the shower?
    Many thanks

  8. I miss the red Leicester and pumpkin seed bread 😥

  9. Let’s have some “PROPAH” Italiano pizzas with thin crust, anchovies, black olives & tuna.
    “Justa lika Mamma usta maka”.

  10. As a vegan with allergies I would love to see more Vegan & gluten free options that are not heavy on sugar. And meal solutions, like products by White Rabbit Pizza co.
    Really happy to see Oatly Barista in a few co op stores. (Which I buy by the case) thanks 😊

    • Does the co-op sell frozen leeks ?

    • This!!!

      We have multiple allergies in the family and when we want to grab a quick lunch to take out when running late it would be good to have some options in the sandwich/salads selection that is dairy, soya and gluten free as every lunch option has either dairy or gluten in it. I also have to say a massive thank you for increasing your range of dairy free milk alternatives and having some diary free sorbet ice lollies (the pineapple icelollies are a favourite with my kids).

    • Strongly agree. Should be more vegan products!! ☺️☺️

  11. Why cant I buy frozen Leeks in my co-op in Tobermory .
    Bu can 10 miles down the road in Salen ?

  12. I think that there is a big market in vegan and vegetarian ready meals. I would like to see a pasty/turnover with lattice top of flaky or short pastry with a caramelised onion filling. Also a pastry flan with lentils, tomatoes and onions, Pastry cases or turnovers with aubergine and cheese. The Co op could promote a vegetarian day a week. Good for health and the planet

    • Being a vegetarian of over 30 years I really would love it if my Buntingford store did a better selection of veggie food in the freezer. Its sausages – burgers- or mince if you are lucky.

  13. I really enjoy my new south woodham ferrers store. It’s small but has a lot to offer but feel that the local community are not supporting it as best possible. What can be done to resolve this. ?

  14. Can we get the think it was peach an apricot frozen yogurt back please

  15. All I want to know is,when will the co-op store in Headington start filling the shelves.the shelves are always empty. There is never anything. At weekends there is no fresh meat. We also don’t know who the manager is so we can talk.

    • Is that Headington Oxford? If so I used to go there 30 years ago! Hope the shelves will soon be topped up after your comment.

  16. Have sent an email requesting new vegan lines. Specially quorn smoked ham slices and vegan chicken slices in the fridge dept. Also more vegan frozen foods.

  17. I have a vegan daughter. Would it be possible to provide more vegan products and some vegan smoked ham slices and vegan chicken slices in the delicatessen part. Also more vegan frozen foods rather than vegetarian. Thank you.

    • Dear Ros, either you are beyond help or your daughter is spinning you a line – psst!, ham and chicken are MEAT, not vegan or even vegetarian!? Ed

      • I am going to check what’s written on her quorn vegan pretend meat slices which sadly I had to buy from another supermarket. What a twit I am! It says vegan quorn proudly meat free. Smoky ham free slices and chicken free slices. Both gluten free. Easy to find vegetarian but not vegan. Thanks for checking though Edward. I like shopping at the co-op where I can. Actually better value for money really as they are £2 for 100g pack.

      • I am also beyond help! Gave me a laugh anyway!

  18. Having just started a Keto diet and losing 2 stone so far i would love some low carb,low sugar items in store better labelled maybe.

  19. My local branch is Bromyard in Herefordshire. I would like to see you stock:
    1) Welsh Salted Butter. This has a higher salt content (3%). Your Welsh branches stock it.
    2) North Staffordshire Oatcakes. Not at all like the Scottish type, more like a pancake.
    3) Polish Kefir. Very good for you, the Leominster branch stocks it (15 miles away), Tesco stocks it, so you are losing out on my shopping trips.

  20. How do I join in on testing team and design new products plz x

  21. How do I join?

  22. Would love to see some
    Good vegan lines (apart from you lovely chocolate ganache).

  23. How do I join the testing team?


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