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Our Co-op is owned by you, our members. Your little blue card, your Membership is a share in our business. This means you can have a say in how it’s run, deciding on many things from products we sell to causes we support.

Our National Members’ Council play a very important part in our democracy.

Our National Members’ Council is here to make sure your voices and interests are heard at the highest level in our business.

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Why do we have a National Members’ Council?

The Council is the ‘guardian’ of Co-op values and principles, which means it has the collective responsibility of making sure that our Board never loses sight of what matters most to our business and our members.

Holding them to account is a key part of being on Council but we’re also here to act as a link for our members and represent your views.

How does our National Members’ Council put our members first?

We work collaboratively to make sure we’re discussing all the important areas of being a business, and a Co-op. Regularly meeting in smaller groups, called committees, we look into specific issues that represent our members and form key themes to bring to the Board’s attention.

An example of some of the fantastic work that’s shaped within our committees is our Member Pioneer programme. Council played a crucial part in developing the programme and making sure it stays at the forefront of our community and member strategy. We’ve also helped with the selection and recruitment process, building links between local Council members and new Member Pioneers.

Get involved and help us to make a difference

Having a share in our Co-op means having your say. There are many ways to get involved.

Let us know how you like to get involved and help us make a difference. Comment below, or tell us on Facebook or Twitter using #TheCoopWay

Nick Crofts,
President of the National Members’ Council

Read more on our democracy at our Co-op;

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  1. My local store(Stocksbridge) no longer stocks Smash potato but imports a substitute from America-not in keeping with ethical stance in my opinion. Recently without loose, ordinary onions for at least 5 days. When I ask about various things not on shelves and told it’s computer I say computers will only do what the controller tells them to do, I am told it is out of their hands. far too much plastic still used products – especially black, which is the worst. A very little progress made with this e g. some tomatoes, but much more needed. Ethical stance seems to be slipping.

  2. I am extremely disappointed to hear that my local Co-op store in Maryport, Cumbria is to close this week due to the seemingly understandable effect that the new Lidl mega store next door has had on sales. The only two Co-op stores now available to me are at Aspatria, 4miles away, and Cockermouth 8 miles away, neither of which offer the same range of goods that have been available at the Maryport store.

  3. Our local co-op installed self-service machines a while ago, and they do not work. I have tried them twice, and both times I had to leave them and pay the cashier at the till. I scanned one item and the machine refused to function further.

    Also each time I visit the store, I notice now that all the customers are queueing for the cashier. None are using the machines. Didn’t management even try out these idiot machines before they bought them?

    • Members are encouraged to use them at my local store. The problem seems to be that they are temperamental. I have often found that my membership card is not recognised, so I do not accrue any points on that transaction. Also, there are numerous items that you cannot self-scan without a member of staff being present to confirm you are over 18, such as paracetamol tablets.


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