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Why I become a Member Pioneer

There are so many reasons to a become a Member Pioneer but for me, it was to be part of my community and help make a difference. It makes me feel proud to help my community in a grassroots way to achieve what they want by co-producing projects that make a difference. You can do the same by signing up to be Member Pioneer in your local area today.

Getting to know my community

As a Member Pioneer, my role is to connect our community both locally and across Hereford. I work with the Co-op Food store on Holme Lacy Road and make it my mission to be out in the community on a daily basis getting to know the people who live here and listening to their needs.

A cafe that brings people together

One of my proudest moments was when I was approached by ECHO, a local group based at Saxon Hall who helped to teach those with learning difficulties how to cook. They wanted to use these newly learnt life skills with the public so we came together as a group to open a community cafe in the Hall.

The community has helped us make this a real success by spreading the word to their friends and family, there are even people coming to the cafe who had never been to Saxon Hall before.

As a Member Pioneer, it’s been great to work on such an important project as the cafe is tackling those who are isolated who now have a place to come and meet others in their community.

The difference you could make as a Member Pioneer

As a Member Pioneer, you are able to make a huge difference to the people around you. I now have an active role in my community, learning what matters most to them and helping them achieve their goal.

Co-op is currently looking for more Member Pioneers to help build stronger communities. If you want to hear more about becoming a Member Pioneer, apply here.

Fiona Mac
Member Pioneer – Hereford

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  1. I am yet to be convinced that this is a good use of our money – we have no BASE from which Pioneers can operate (unlike Co-op Halls of old) and the role is impossible on 4 hours a week. WE (members, owners) need to be able to see our Pioneers and their base – it might have been better to focus on some areas rather than spreading ourselves so thinly. The Co-op needs to be distinctive (as it once was when we have ‘the divi’ and our own social bases) – until we achieve that we will be just another retailer (and I do not mean by spending millions on an arena in Manchester)

  2. I’ve tried numerous of time to apply for the pioneers position in Ellesmere to no avail, and I do not understand when putting in my user name etc its blocked.

  3. Where are you based

  4. Are you still looking for Member Pioneers? I’d love to work for the Co op and help my local community.

  5. I very much wish to make a committed ,meaningful contribution to help enhance the values of Co_op.

  6. If you want to talk a bit more about these roles speak to your local Co-op Engagement Advisor – the stores and funeral-care branches will have our mobile numbers.

  7. We really could do with more Member Pioneers. We still do not have Member Pioneers for a good number of Co-op stores in my North Kent area. This is a huge development area with the new Ebbsfleet Garden City the first one for many decades being built and a complete new community springing up. A great opportunity for the Co-op and the movement overall.

    • Hi Tom, as the blog post says, we’re currently recruiting more Member Pioneers across the country. If you’re interested in becoming one just click the link in the blog post to apply. ^Catherine

  8. I understand the narrative about sharing part of our surplus with the local community! But is this the only difference from other business models. Other retailers also actively support ‘good causes’ but what impact is our approach having in increasing active membership, trade and brand loyalty? Perhaps far too early to say and a very mixed picture?

    The experience in my local church which is quite lively and supportive of many good causes (local and international) is that interested members still see no difference from other supermarkets even with the use of the 1% scheme to support their excellent neighbourhood project.

    My sense is that a more focused approach in working with specific local organisations who are attracted to us as a different business model could be better placed to differentiate the Group from other supermarket brands and to increase average spend with us.

    Good to hear other views.


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