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Today marks the end of Remember A Charity in Your Will Week, which Co-op has continued to champion and drive legacy giving through their support for the sixth year running.

“Our annual Remember A Charity Week raises awareness of charitable giving in Wills and highlights the potential to positively influence the world well beyond our own lifetime.”

Co-op shares our aim to make will writing and considering leaving a gift to charity the social norm. It works with a number of large and smaller charities, offering affordable will writing services to their supporters to make charitable donations possible.

This difference you can make by giving back

Three-quarters of Brits support a charity in our lifetime. And yet only 6 per cent leave a charitable gift in their will, raising £2.8 billion a year for good causes.

Most of the charitable work that we all rely on is only thanks to the generosity of gifts in Wills. Charitable gifts have also become increasingly important to many small and community-based charities. Even a small amount can make a big difference.

When my youngest daughter was just a few weeks’ old, she stopped breathing. It was a traumatic time for her and our family, as she spent months in and out of intensive care. Our experience reminded us all how fragile life is – and that we couldn’t put off writing our first Will.

My solicitor did a superb job writing my Will, which was surprisingly straightforward. However, it was only at the end of the conversation that we discussed something incredible and that we could not only look after my family but could also leave a gift to the hospital that saved my daughter’s life.

We hope this week has encouraged people to make that first step, starting the conversation about how we can take care of all the things that matter most to us. And, as a supporter recently told me: “Over my lifetime I’ve seen first-hand the amazing work that charities do, and it would be a shame for them to stop just because we do.”

If you’re thinking of leaving a charitable gift visit Co-op Legal Services for more information where Co-op is offering a discount of up to 20% off will writing services through their partnership with our 200-strong charity consortium, Remember A Charity. (Ts&Cs apply)

Rob Cope
Director of Remember A Charity

Read more on giving to back to Charity at our Co-op;

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