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Travel-inspired cooking

2 in 3 members told us that their summer holidays inspire their cooking, paella being the dish that holidaymakers are most likely to recreate when they come home.

It can take us a year to get a new product onto the shelves of your local Co-op, so next summer’s range is already being developed and this feedback from members provides a good endorsement of our current offer. Members’ feedback has also given us some areas to look at developing next. We’ll be exploring some of these throughout the coming months.

Salads are members favourite in the heat

Unsurprisingly, salad topped the list of meals our members serve up when summer temperatures soared.

Over 600 members joined in to share their summer eating habits and help our Food team think about what new delicious offerings they can dream up for next summer. ‘Easy’, ‘fresh’, ‘tasty’ and ‘healthy’ were what members wanted from their food. Salad, chicken and salmon were the dishes most favoured by members, too. We now have some clear areas to work on to match our members expectations.

It was also great to hear that 83% of members think that we already cater well for their summer eating needs. We’re now looking at all the feedback to see where they might like ranges to develop and where we might fill gaps to improve things further for Summer 2019.

This, alongside our regular seasonal reviews by our colleagues in Trade Planning and Insight really help to drive our plans for a great 2019 summer offer for our members and customers.

Lighter dishes for brighter days

Members also gave us some really useful insights into how their cooking changes with the seasons, with the majority shunning the long-cooked, carb-heavy comfort foods of winter for lighter foods in the summer.

Overall, members were less likely to pick up ready meals during the summer months. Those who continued to buy ready meals in summer said that they tended to look for lighter and healthier options.

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Kevin Sargent
Senior Product Developer – Chilled Prepared

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