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Over the last few months, we’ve been travelling across the UK asking people to come along and talk about our Co-op and all the great stuff that is happening locally. We also discussed how we’re performing as a business. We’ve called this ‘Join In Live’

What happened at the events?

Before the events, we talked to Members through a Join In opportunity to find out more about what they’d like to get out of the event. Members told us that they wanted the events to be interactive and informal, with opportunities to find out more about how Co-op is working in local communities.

Whilst each event was unique, at every event we discussed some key topics including; plastics, communities and local causes.

Plastic packaging was a big talking point last year, so this year, we ran a workshop to tell members about our Future of Food plan and provided them with hints and tips on how to recycle plastic and become greener.

Amongst those attending, there were people from the local causes, who have just received a share of the £19m that our members have helped raise by buying selected Co-op branded products and services. It was a chance for them to talk about what they are doing in the local community and how the money will be spent.

Understanding what co-operation means to Members

One of my highlights from this set of events was the feedback we gained from members during our community and co-operation workshop. We learned what co-operation means to people and what barriers could be stopping people from co-operating together. The feedback we’ve received from the sessions will help shape our vision on how we build stronger communities across the country.

Building new networks

The Join In Live events are a brilliant way to network and build new relationships in your community, but if you didn’t manage to attend there are still plenty of ways you can get involved.

Co-op Members shape our Co-op by joining in #TheCoopWay

If you’d like to get involved and help shape our Co-op, log in to your online Membership account to see our current Join in opportunities.

Don’t just take my word for it:

“I was able to meet a mixture of new people who can help St Rocco’s and also found that the Co-op doesn’t just give funds to causes but also has a lot more to offer across its Food and Funeralcare businesses. I also learned about Co-op’s Food Waste scheme, Food Share. This really surprised me as I know the Co-op helps fund projects but it’s great to hear that they do so much more to help people who need it.”

Katie from local cause, St Rocco’s Hospice in Warrington
“I really enjoyed the event, it was great to meet and talk with other members and Co-op colleagues and representatives and to hear about all the latest developments. It was a fantastic opportunity to feedback our views on what the Co-op is doing and I hope they consider running a similar event in our area in future.”

Co-op Member Alex from Leigh on Sea

Liam Forsyth
Co-op Engagement Advisor

Read more on how we’re building stronger communities at our Co-op;

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● Here are the Co-op products you have helped shape so far

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  1. Hi Dear, are you truly visiting this web site on a regular basis, if so after that you will absolutely
    get nice experience.


  2. I first joined the co op about 60 years as a new wife.We bought our furniture. Clothes food etc and earned divi points at one stage during those years there was a bond you could buy which earned 70 percent my old number was 118484 I wonder if it can still be traced Until recently I had no idea about all the activities going on..the Timperley store has just been refurbished and we are very proud of it Now at 80 I live just round the corner from the store and delight in watching the pennies pile up keep up the good work and I don’t go anywhere else.i am of the era when every co op branch had rooms up above where we danced ,the cheese was cut with wire from a great big block, as was the butter and bacon was sliced in front of you your money was sent in a canister on a sort of wire and a lady upstairs sent the change down double quick
    Those were the days. Best wishes Mrs Barbara Ann O’Brien🦄


  3. Why weren’t divi points issued at this event? Why no reports from regional depots/coop party/past (precrisis) local community fund distribution reciepientservice. For that matter why no paper copies of the full and half year accounts…..

    As if the society is out of the business in properly conducting democratic events with votes, divi and hard qs fostered, where was our history, why where the YouTube recordings quite so flatly delivered?
    As if the society


    • Hi there,

      At each event, we played a video that Steve had put together that summarised our commercial performance at the half year. We also had a handout on tables summarising our financial performance. We also handed out the Future of Food report at the events as part of its launch.



      • HI Catherine, I am glad some of the feedback is beine taken on board. Once again I was suprised by the lack of divi and paper that could actually be kept and referred back to later. We did our best but meeting had designed out any accountability and questioning by co-owners. I attended the S London meeting, which I understand was the last one. Also nothing on rewarding the staff capItal for all they bring to the co-op, nothing for us members who lend are trade and plastic cards to the cause, even less about HQ and shopfloor staff. In the week when Midcounties staff get their colleagie divi this is particularly on my mind as a member of both.


      • This handout was unavailable at St Lon don’t. Is a PDF available and how can I opt in to recieving this by pdf everyou release/quarter. Co-op is a big part of how I organise what I buy and itsunami financial outcomes our important to us co-owners!!!!


  4. Feedback was useful for those who could not get to any of the events – difficult for working families!
    Perhaps next time?


  5. Great idea and in the vein of community ,family and problem solving big and small. Where was it organised in north london ?


    • Hello Yasmin, the North London event was held on Wednesday 17 October. Each year we pick new locations with our community team with input of Member Pioneers, so it’s likely there will be some new locations next year. ^Catherine


  6. I was invited to the Manchester workshop . I think the time of 5.30 pm was inconvenient for members of the public . Most of us were disappointed to just be offered coffee and a biscuit on arrival then as we left at past 7.30 pm there were a packaged sandwich and bags of crisps to take home . Were we expected to eat them in the street ? We had spent on transport to the venue and chatting between ourselves we did expect at least a Co-op voucher for our efforts as has happened at other focus groups we have attended .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Heather, thank-you for your feedback. We’ve been compiling feedback from our events already and have noted that food would be best provided at the beginning not the end and will be taking this on board next year. ^Catherine


  7. Hello

    It would be helpful if more detail could be given at what happened at these Events, so that members who were unable to attend them could get a good idea as to what happened at them.

    Could some or all of these events be put on video in future? This would enable members unable to get along to them and have access to the internet to see what had taken place.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Richard, thankyou for your feedback. We will exploring the potential to film more of the events next year to give more insight into what happens. ^Catherine



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